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You might be familiar with Travis and Rivkah’s Prepared Homestead Youtube channel, where they share their knowledge about self-sufficiency and homesteading. They are two individuals who are passionate about living off-grid, and their channel reflects that. However, there is much more to their channel than just YouTubing. In this article, you will discover different ways to join Travis and Rivkah’s movements and what services and products they offer outside their channel.

Join the Rumble Channel for Uncensored Content:
Travis and Rivkah’s Prepared Homestead channel includes plenty of good content. But, if you want to see even more videos and live streams that aren’t available on YouTube, then you should join their Rumble channel. It’s free and easy, and you’ll get access to additional knowledge about gardening, raising livestock, and much more.

Exclusive Content Available on the Locals Platform:
Are you curious about their homesteading lifestyle and want to learn even more? Then you should subscribe to their Locals platform, where they share exclusive content. Here, you’ll have access to more live streams, recipes, Q&A sessions, and many other valuable insights. Also, people who subscribe to the official channels often get exclusive deals on some products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Shop for Firearms at Palmetto State Armory:
Are you looking to buy firearms to protect your homestead or to go hunting? Then you should check out Palmetto State Armory, a company co-owned by Travis. They offer a wide variety of guns, ammunition, and accessories that you’ll need. Whether you are beginner or more experienced, there’s plenty of options for everyone.

Affiliate Companies Include A Place to Get Gold and Silver, Emergency Freeze-Dried Food and Supplies, and Natural Supplements:
Not only do Travis and Rivkah sell gun equipment, but they also have affiliated with companies that sell different products and services. For example, JM Bullion offers gold and silver coins for those who want to invest in precious metals. There’s also a company called My Patriot Supply, which offers emergency supplies like freeze-dried foods, water filtration systems, and more. If you are interested in natural supplements, you should check out BenaGene. Having access to these products and services might come in handy, especially for homesteaders.

Directly Support the Channel via PayPal, Bitcoin, Monero XMR, Cash App, or UPMA Account Transfer:
If you want to support Travis and Rivkah’s Prepared Homestead channel, you have plenty of options. They accept donations in various currencies, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Monero XMR, Cash App, or UPMA account transfer. The donations help them cover expenses related to running the channel and producing new content.

Check Out Various Great Businesses from Their Friends:
Aside from their own business, Travis and Rivkah also recommend other great companies run by their friends. These include Home Grown Liberty, Burnin’ Heart Candle, and The Constellation Farm. Each of these businesses provides unique products and services that might suit your homesteading or self-sufficiency journey.

Join the TPHNetwork for an Enjoyable Experience Similar to Facebook:
Are you looking to join a social network that revolves around homesteading and self-sufficiency? Then you should check out the TPHNetwork, Travis and Rivkah’s platform. Not only do you get access to exclusive content, but you can also join a community of like-minded people. Here, you can ask questions, share your experiences, and learn new things from others.

Contact Prepared Homestead Through Email or Twitter:
Lastly, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact Travis and Rivkah’s Prepared Homestead through email or Twitter. They are always happy to interact with their fans and followers, and they might even answer your queries in their upcoming videos.

In Conclusion:
Travis and Rivkah’s Prepared Homestead channel has plenty to offer. Whether you’re interested in homesteading or self-sufficiency or just want to support their channel, there’s something you can do. Join their Rumble and Locals channels, shop for firearms, check out affiliated businesses, donate to their cause, join the TPHNetwork, or contact them directly. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll surely find something that suits your needs.