Is the Possibility of Climate Lockdowns Looming in the Near Future?

Is the Possibility of Climate Lockdowns Looming in the Near Future?


As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, some believe that it may be leading to the possibility of climate lockdowns. This is a concept that has been discussed by The Angry Prepper, a popular YouTuber who creates videos about prepping and survivalism. In his latest video, he discusses whether climate lockdowns are on the horizon and what they might entail.

New York City’s Response to Canadian Smoke

One example of what a climate lockdown might look like can be seen in New York City’s response to Canadian smoke. When smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted south and enveloped the city in 2018, the city’s health department recommended that people cancel events and limit their time outdoors. This led to a significant increase in mask-wearing and many people chose to stay indoors to avoid respiratory issues caused by the smoke. The media’s focus on New York City during this event also highlights how it could be used as an example for future climate lockdowns.

Training for a Future Climate Lockdown?

The Angry Prepper believes that the response to the Canadian smoke incident is an example of how people are being trained for a future climate lockdown. He argues that governments and the media are using these events to condition people to accept severe restrictions on their daily lives in the name of protecting the environment.

Handling Respiratory Issues

In his video, The Angry Prepper also discusses the importance of being prepared for respiratory issues that may arise in the future. Instead of acting like “bitches,” as he eloquently puts it, people should take steps to protect themselves and their families. This could involve stocking up on medical supplies, air purifiers, and masks, as well as learning basic first aid skills.


While the idea of climate lockdowns may seem far-fetched at the moment, it’s worth considering how events like the Canadian smoke incident could be used to justify such measures in the future. By being prepared and informed, people can take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones, no matter what the future brings.