Buckle up! It’s about to get bumpy.

Foreign [Music] Folks welcome to the prepared Homestead This is Travis thank you all for Stopping by to watch well over the Weekend the second largest bank in American history failed First Republic Bank I mean it was fun the final nail in The coffin it really started failing About six weeks ago or so but uh Bank Regulators uh can you know came in and Absorbed the bank took control of the Bank Basically absorbed all of the the debt And stuff you know because it cost them Billions of dollars to do that and then Turn around and sold it to JP Morgan This morning also loaning uh JP Morgan The money to do that Uh like I said this is this was actually A big Bank Um second largest in fact in the last Two months the three big Banks that's Failed uh their total assets combined Was almost double the assets of all the Banks that have failed in the last two Decades or so combined so we're talking Some serious amount of money but yet The treasury Department and JP Morgan Themselves both this morning said not to Worry folks the American banking system Is safe and it's solid it's strong and Everything's going just fine How Russia they launched a new attack on

Ukraine last night launching a lot of Different rockets and missiles Apparently striking a major weapons Depot for Ukraine All just showing that things are just Continually increasing and you know we See this every day I saw this morning I think it's uh Syria Has announced that they're going off the U.S dollar not a big surprise there but It is just another country that is Saying that They're no longer going to be using the US dollar as their Trade Currency They're going to be using the Chinese Yuan currency what we're seeing Um we're just seeing things progress in That way all over the world And you and I have to you know what we Do what we talk about all the time we Have to be prepared yesterday we had our Monthly meeting that we do every month Here locally And and that's what people are doing They're coming to to meetings like ours And others for the same reasons we had I Don't know I didn't even count I didn't Even get a number but we had a full House and people a lot of our our Regulars that came and then some new Folks people coming from out of state Just to see what we're doing get some Ideas take it back home with them and we Talked about how we need to be pushing

Ourselves To kind of um plan for uncomfortable Things I think as A prepared-minded folks We we kind of work out these scenarios Of how we think it'll be how do we think The the US dollar collapse is going to Affect us how do we think that World War III will affect us and we tend to want To think along lines uh that that we Feel confident that we can handle I Think a lot of times the scenarios that We're planning for or how they develop Maybe scenarios that we would prefer to Happen because we can handle things that Way we can we're prepared for that we we We know that we can we can do that and So that's how we you know work out these Little war games in our minds but what We have to do is we have to also plan For the uncomfortable We have to allow ourselves to kind of Think of the the really bad doomsday Stuff Whatever the the whole world especially The internet World likes to make fun of The Doomsday Preppers Um and I'm not saying that that's where We should Um stay is in that mindset but I do Think that we should allow ourselves To To kind of go down these little thought Trains of of what things would be like

And how bad they could be especially in Areas that would make us really Uncomfortable things that we don't want To to think about you know what if You've got your little Homestead and You've you've built it up and you've Spent years developing it and you have Everything just just laid out perfectly You know this is where you're going to Ride out the apocalypse And then you know some kind of like say Forest fire happens and it burns your Whole Homestead and all your supplies to The ground well now what do you do but What's your plan for that do you have a Contingency plan for that well if some Flood happens or an earthquake or a Tornado Or just uh more bad people than you Expected coming up your driveway to take What you have do you have contingency Plans for that What if this dollar collapse is more Than a soft or even a moderate Landing What if it's a really bad crash And it makes things like in Venezuela Look like nothing What if World War III is far worse than We expected What if it does end up being nuclear What if these things happen And and what if they're really bad and I Think that We should at least at least explore

These ideas and try to as best as we can To come up with some contingency plans Of course you can't plan for everything I realize that I mean we're only human And none of us are you know Bill Gates And Elon Musk risk Rich at least I don't Think any of you are if you are maybe we Can be friends no just kidding Um but we we should definitely Definitely think about these things and Try to figure out a contingency plan Because As Murphy's Law probably States Somewhere if things are going to get bad They're probably going to be or at least Could possibly be Such a bad way that you're it's not Something you can expect to see it may Be worse than expected it may Things could get really bad and if You're looking at how things are Progressing especially from a Biblical Worldview and if you believe that we are Experiencing the the beginnings of end Times Then you you almost have to Have to concede that things could get Extremely bad And if that's the case then you should Prepare accordingly so that that's Something that we talked about yesterday At our meeting among other things we we Did some other things a lot of a lot of Networking

We were doing our best to try to help Bring people together encourage people To form small groups because that's the The big point of our meetings because They're so large is to try to get people To out of the big group to form smaller Groups in their local area and that does Happen We have to we have to really start Thinking about these things folks I I Don't Personally don't think that we have a Real long time before things get bad I Mean could it be a year or two it's Possible but I'm not so sure that we Even have that long Um and I who knows how bad it'll be who Knows what is the first thing or the Thing that causes us to kind of slip Over the edge who knows but when you're When you're sitting back and just kind Of looking at everything that's going on I think it's it's it becomes clearer and Clearer just how bad things are becoming And not a lot of people are really Thinking about that and the ones that Are I think they just become overwhelmed They become overwhelmed and that's a That's another thing that it's It's difficult for even you and I to to To not do and that's become overwhelmed I become overwhelmed I become Overwhelmed here on the on the homestead Of all the things that I'm doing the

Projects that I'm doing that needs to Get done and I just It just becomes overwhelming we have to Work to control that so that we don't Become kind of paralyzed and and just The the the daunting tasks ahead uh that We Face uh we have to keep pushing Forward A day at a time and some of those days You may not get as much done But we have to keep doing that same way With our supplies keep pushing forward On stocking up and sometimes you may be Able to stock up on more things than Other times This is just the process of it and you Always have to believe that in the end Regardless of how prepared you Eventually become you know how much Stuff you get done how much stocks you Get piled up in your your storage uh how Many skills you develop how much of a Community you're developing You're definitely going to be way more Prepared than the average person and and That's going to put you head and Shoulders above most people The times are certainly getting tough And I've said it and so have many others It's it's you need to be buckling up Folks and getting ready for it Um the the things that are happening on A global stage are are quite Overwhelming when you put it all

Together and and it's advancing pretty Quickly and things like these bank Failures and increase activity and and War zones like in Russia and Ukraine and Then also in Taiwan and China and North And South Korea it's it's all it's all Building up folks Not to mention all the Ridiculousness Happening Here on the home front it's All building up and we uh well we have a Duty to our families to ourselves to our Community and a duty to God to to get Ourselves ready for this stuff because There's a reason why in the Bible we Were warned and we were told about all These things that will be happening it's So that we would get ready for it it Wasn't just so that we could have an Entertaining read So what you're doing in your life to get Ready keep doing it and maybe do it a Little bit more Basically get your houses in order I Mean that's that's the end end goal to Do get yourselves prepared mentally Physically and spiritually thank you for Watching and I'll catch you in the next Video folks we are living in uncertain Times where chaos seems to be around Every corner with wars and rumors of Wars economic collapse pandemics and More We should strive daily to become More prepared mentally physically and of Course spiritually

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