Green Beret Mike Glover Shoots SIMS with REDCELL Korean Navy Seals

SHTF Home Defense Strategies: How to Keep The Zombies At Bay

So perhaps you enjoy “The Strolling Dead” and fret about zombies or possibly you just see the country headed for an economic collapse and also you have extremely legit issues about crime escalating. Whatever your inspiration, you want to understand how you can “solidify” your house to make it much less of an eye-catching target for intruders and even looters. The secret to a house protection technique is to make your house as unattractive as possible, NOT to have a significant supply of guns as well as ammunition to eliminate off the poor people.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

So you view “End ofthe world Preppers” and also “The Walking Dead” and also want the Prepper culture? Take this test and also see how much you actually find out about being a new survivalist. 1) What does SHTF mean?

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