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How Preppers Stockpile Food to Prepare for Economic Collapse

When I am asked just how preppers accumulate food for a financial collapse or various other emergency, I am commonly amazed by the response that people have. They normally presume that I have a bunch of pallets of Military MRE’s or freeze-dried survival dishes in the garage. Do not get me wrong, if I had an abundant man’s checking account I could have an environment regulated shelter accumulated with freeze-dried survival meals.

When Zombies Attack Your Car: What Does A Doomsday Prepper Do?

Suppose zombies struck your car, like in a scene out of “The Walking Dead”? Or more genuinely, what happens if there was an emergency situation like a substantial power failure and there were riots in the streets or civil agitation and also you were captured in it while driving? Scenes from the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and from all over the world with enhancing terrible protests about the financial crises must provide all of us pause.

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