Are They Really Trying This?

Okay YouTubers this is the angry proper So today's video we're going to talk About another BS incoming version of Mr 19. coven So they have a new version called the Arturis bearing This version if you will is supposedly Or is supposedly mimicking Or mimics sorry Allergies so if you have watery eyes Itchy eyes runny nose bit of a cough They're going to sit there and tell you That it could be the Alturas version Now Interestingly enough guys what season Are we in we are in allergy season And the beginning of it They're saying that this version came Out of India now interestingly enough Guys The The variants were coming out of China Then all of a sudden stopped now most of Them if you've been keeping track are Coming out of India China's adversary So guys is this a problem is this a is This a big issue no it isn't it's Clearly another lie it's another uh way To get more people online to get more Arm tickets in their bodies to boost the Arm tickets in their bodies this is what It's for it's a complete utter bullshit You can't tell me that there's a huge

Coincidence coincidences sorry going on Where you have allergy season and then You have this new variant you have Pfizer who is taking a 33 percent Revenue cut This year because nobody is or less People sorry are getting the uh new Versions or new versions of the arm Tickets in their body So you have Pfizer claimingness you have People not on board were getting any More of this crap in their body and so Now they're like you know what Let's release theology the the allergy Version the allergic the allergy sorry Version of Mr 19. covet so now guys People are going to fall for this Because people are idiots people listen People have always been gullible we have To I have to state that people have Always been gullible since the beginning Of time this is not anything new and I Think calling people you know stupid for Falling for certain things yes you can Absolutely uh run with that but you have To understand that humans are easily uh Convinced it's just how it's been it's Always been that way since the beginning Of time since human first started on This planet with cavemen or whatever you Want to call it and you know cavemen Were you know lying to each other about Attacks that would never happen it's

It's always been a thing and it's always Been a thing of people in power people In power will always use the media to Lie to the masses always it was like That in the Romans the Greeks here in The United States UK Russia China you Name it even Japan People or Elites use the media sources To lie to better themselves That being said obviously they're going To make up this bullshit to now get People to second guess whether or not They have allergies Or they're tourists version Right so now people are going to sit There on the fence and go you know what We got we we got to go get more we got To get more more arm tickets we can I Don't want to get sick I don't want to Have itchy listen if that's the least of Your problems deal with it just take Allergy medications it should work the Same because you need to treat the Symptoms not the actual cause if you Treat the cause Which is Mr 19 you're gonna Miss all the other things that you could Be treating with so you should be Treating the symptoms got watery eyes Take out your medication guys simple Don't run out and get more shit into Your body that you don't need anyway They're going to continue to lie guys They're going to continue to beat this

Drum of fear and I can't believe they're Using allergy as a fear-mongering source I'm a little surprised about that Because I'm wondering how many people Are gonna be like I don't wanna I don't Want to have itchy eyes I don't want to Miss days outside and then they're going To run and get the the boosted on ticket I don't know but nonetheless guys this Is more BS now I have a feeling that they're going to Run out of Excuses or reasons for you to get this And they're going to come out with Something a lot heavier that is going to Be a little more real I think they're lining us up or lining People up to when we're faced to Something excruciatingly Real we're Gonna be like shit and even people who Didn't take the the First on ticket are Going to sit there and go I might have to take this now I don't Care what they come out with I don't Care if it makes my dick bleed I am not Taking whatever on ticket they release I Don't care I don't care how real it is I Don't care how bad it is it could be Mossberg Could be wiping the world clean I am not Taking an alarm ticket just not because The simple fact is guys is that they Rushed everything too quickly if they Would have taken their time I still

Wouldn't have taken him but if they Would if they would have take their time With ebola or Mossberg I would consider It if there was studies going back 10 Years or so I would consider it but Being that they're not doing that They're trying to race everything rush Everything sorry they're rushing every New Um on ticket now every new version of an Object is being rushed I don't trust it Because we're seeing what's happening With people who are taking it Anyway with that guys just stay abreast Of the bullshit stay away from the BS Look at some of the BS and go nope you Know I fucking get me with this shit Because that's all it is it's BS they're Trying to use algae season now and I'm Pretty sure they're going to use a Common cold soon To get us there anyway this is the angry Proper thank you for watching [Music] [Music]

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