Bypassing the Gun: 7 Best Alternatives for Self-Defense


When it comes to self-defense, the first thing that comes to mind is a gun. However, carrying a gun might not always be practical or even legal in some situations and places. That’s where non-lethal self-defense weapons come into play. In this article, we will explore some of the best non-lethal alternatives to guns for self-defense.

  1. The EK Archery Vlad Tactical Crossbow:

The EK Archery Vlad Tactical Crossbow is a powerful and compact self-defense weapon that can be a great alternative to a gun. It has fast firing cycles and is easy to handle. The crossbow can be a successful weapon for self-defense due to its ease of use, accuracy, and range of up to 200 yards.

  1. The Pepperball PPC:

The Pepperball PPC is a semi-automatic launcher that can fire more than 2000 projectiles before routine maintenance is required. The launcher can be an effective weapon for self-defense due to its rapid fire rate and ability to immobilize the attacker from a distance of up to 60 feet.

  1. The Umarex HDR 68 Revolver:

The Umarex HDR 68 Revolver uses 68 caliber ammunition with precision and provides optical and tactical pressure indicators. The revolver can be an ideal self-defense weapon, particularly in close range situations. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and its precision and accuracy can provide significant stopping power.

  1. The Taser 7 CQ:

The Taser 7 CQ is a high-end model that delivers a 5-second cycle with two shots. The Taser is a less-lethal weapon suitable for self-defense that uses electrical pulses to immobilize the attacker. It is an effective weapon that can stop the attacker in their tracks, yet, it may not work on some individuals with high pain tolerance.

  1. The BRK Ghost:

The BRK Ghost offers a range of models with field-proven designs and comes in various calibers. The Ghost can be an effective non-lethal weapon for self-defense as it provides an instant stopping power, much like that of a gun. Additionally, it has the potential to provide an added element of surprise to the attacker.

  1. The Excalibur Twin Strike Tac-2:

The Excalibur Twin Strike Tac-2 offers the ability to load and shoot two arrows, providing increased accuracy and shot power. The crossbow provides a silent and stealthy option for self-defense. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be great for self-defense situations where discretion is essential.

  1. The FX Panthera Hunter Compact:

The FX Panthera Hunter Compact is a versatile and customizable pellet shooter. The pellet-shooting rifle comes with adjustable power output, multiple ways to shoot pellets, and customizable grips. This gun can be a unique and effective self-defense weapon, at the same time, can be used for hunting and sports purposes.


When it comes to self-defense, guns are often considered as the go-to option. However, non-lethal self-defense alternatives can be far more practical, legal, and effective in many situations. The options we discussed above have the potential to provide effective protection while also being practical and legal. Feel free to explore them and pick the right option that suits you best.