Top 5 Best Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting

Top 5 Best Lever Action Rifles For Home Defense and Hunting
Are you looking for the best lever action rifles for hunting, survival, and long-range shooting of 2020? These are some of the best lever action rifles for hunting, survival and beginners we found so far:

✅1. Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle
✅2. Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Short Rifle
✅3. Browning BLR Lever Action Rifle
✅4. Marlin Dark Model 336
✅5. Marlin 1895 Custom Shop 45-70
Without question the most iconic rifle ever made has to be regarded as the lever action rifle. As a design the rifle dates back to 1837, and is best regarded as the rifle design that won the American west.
Lever-action rifles embody a classic style and are still said to be advantageous for such pursuits as small game hunting all the way through to deer hunting. They might not be the most efficient rifles out there, but they represent a sentimentality for many hunters from years gone by. Along with this, you get enough firepower and fast follow up shots that keep your head in the game, so you can do what you need to with your rifle, on your terms.
The classy looks and smooth lines give a timeless quality to the rifle. The availability to a plethora of calibers means any shooter can find a lever action they can love.
However, choosing the best lever action rifle can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, we decided to run you through ten of the best lever-action rifles that we could find on the market today. All of them are high quality builds and should offer you great value for the money.
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