Should Billionaires Hold The Keys to Power?

This is an argument for the 21st Century as never before have we seen billionaires running for office. Now they are catching whole countries by rhetoric that is truthfully frightening to the much less gifted prospects. Trump is an instance in factor and also his broach fences to maintain out unlawful travelers and also a shift in the international plan of the U.S.A. far from assisting to maintain the tranquility to one of straight-out war is turning heads in several parts of the world.

The Great Banking Lie

The financial sector had not been always searching for its next earnings fix. Cost savings and finance was nitty-gritty throughout the Industrial Change … back before financial institutions came to be financial parasites.

What Copper Says About the Economy

There’s a reason copper is occasionally called “Dr. Copper.” The price of copper indicates the health and wellness of the economic climate – and according to one of the most recent prices, our economic situation’s regarding to flatline …

Exchanging Love With Currency

An atmosphere of consistency can be cultivated via simple acts of supporting your regional vendors as opposed to acquiring from huge firms or on-line. Discover regarding the “Ohana” society and how it can be applied to all facets of our lives, including service.

Fear the Dollar Kill Switch

For the majority of human background, we’ve stayed in largely cashless societies. It’s absolutely nothing new. But there are worries about a contemporary cashless culture, and the real hazard ought to terrify you.

One World Socialist Government Bias In International Media

Well, here we are in the middle of yet another Presidential Election Year. And we have a couple of outsiders who are making some heavy payments to political history right here in the USA. Yes, I mention Industrial Plutocrat Donald Trump, a total outsider, and also Bernie Sanders a 100% admitted socialist and damn happy with it according to his political rhetoric as well as campaign stump speeches which are drawing crowds in the thousands any place he talks. So, allow’s discuss socialism shall we?

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