The Implications of Standing Armies in the US during SHTF: A Look at Potential Threats Against You” or “Examining the Presence of Standing Armies in the US and Their Role in SHTF Scenarios: Your Potential Vulnerabilities

As I delve into the topic of “The Implications of Standing Armies in the US during SHTF: A Look at Potential Threats Against Me,” I am compelled to explore the concerning reality that may affect each and every one of us. In this blog post, I aim to closely examine the presence of standing armies in the US and their role in SHTF scenarios, unraveling the potential vulnerabilities that could directly impact my safety and security. Join me on this insightful journey as we bring to light the pressing implications that stand before us.

The Implications of Standing Armies in the US during SHTF: A Look at Potential Threats Against You


In the midst of a disaster or SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) scenario, one would typically expect the focus to be on survival and overcoming physical obstacles. However, there are potential threats that many people may overlook – the presence of unconventional armies within the United States. These unconventional armies, consisting of criminal organizations, extremist groups, addicts, and desperate individuals, can pose significant dangers during such chaotic times. In this article, I will examine the implications of these standing armies and how they can threaten your safety and wellbeing.

Criminal Organizations: Establishing Dominance

During an SHTF scenario, criminal organizations such as cartels, street gangs, and mafias will strive to establish dominance. Their extensive networks, access to weaponry, and emphasis on power make them formidable opponents in a lawless environment. These organizations are well-versed in criminal activities, which can aid them in exploiting the chaos to further their illicit operations. Vulnerable communities will be at risk as these criminal groups seek to seize control and exploit available resources.

Extremist Groups: Filling the Power Vacuum

In a society facing a breakdown of order, extremist groups can fill the power vacuum left by the absence of traditional law enforcement. These groups often possess a strong ideological agenda and are well-organized, making them a significant threat in SHTF scenarios. They may take advantage of the instability to push their extremist beliefs, recruit followers, and exert control over areas that are left vulnerable. The presence of these groups can lead to further social and political unrest, exacerbating the already dire circumstances.

Gang Members: A Potential Threat

Another potential threat during SHTF scenarios is the presence of gang members. Approximately 850,000 gang members exist within the United States, and their criminal expertise and ability to organize make them a formidable force. When societal structures collapse, these individuals may resort to violence, intimidation, and territorial disputes to ensure their survival and maintain their criminal activities. Their influence can spread rapidly, posing dangers to both individuals and communities.

Drug Addicts: Controlled and Leveraged

The presence of drug addicts, particularly meth heads and fentanyl addicts, creates additional challenges during SHTF scenarios. An estimated 2.5 million people in the US are addicted to methamphetamines, and 2 million people are addicted to opioids, including the potent and deadly substance known as fentanyl. These individuals, desperate to fuel their addictions, can be easily controlled and leveraged against others. Their vulnerability and desperation can be exploited by unscrupulous individuals looking to further their own agendas or establish dominance.

Desperate and Hungry: Easily Manipulated

As the chaos of an SHTF scenario unfolds, desperate and hungry people become highly susceptible to manipulation. The control and manipulation of food supply during a crisis can be a powerful tool in establishing dominance. Those who are able to control access to food can use it as leverage to obtain power, resources, or favorable treatment. Desperate individuals may be forced into submission or made to engage in activities they wouldn’t consider under normal circumstances. The vulnerability of a starving population can be exploited by those willing to take advantage of the situation.


In conclusion, the implications of standing armies in the United States during SHTF scenarios are significant and can pose substantial threats to individuals and communities. Criminal organizations, extremist groups, gang members, drug addicts, and desperate individuals can exploit the chaos and power vacuum to establish dominance, further their criminal activities, and manipulate vulnerable populations. It is essential to be aware of these potential threats and take appropriate measures to protect oneself and loved ones during uncertain times. Remember, knowledge and preparedness are key in navigating the complexities of an SHTF scenario and ensuring your safety.