The Impending Peril: The Water Crisis Looming Ahead


The world as we know it is facing an impending crisis – the water crisis. This devastating reality has been brought to light by The Angry Prepper, a popular YouTube channel known for discussing global issues. In this article, we will delve into the danger that lies ahead, as well as the alarming predictions made by The World Economic Forum. Brace yourself as we explore the terrifying truth about the potential control over water that could lead to a world government.

The Chinese Land Acquisition

One of the most shocking revelations is the Chinese acquisition of land in the United States, specifically targeting water sources. This strategic move by the Chinese has raised concerns about their intention to control water, a vital resource that determines the fate of nations. The thought of having foreign entities in control of such a critical asset is undeniably unsettling.

Increasing Water Wars and Disputes

As water becomes scarcer, conflicts over water sources are expected to rise. The competition for this precious resource will likely intensify, leading to water wars and disputes among nations. With our growing population and dwindling water supply, the situation is dire. The consequences of these conflicts could be catastrophic, impacting not only individual countries but the entire world.

Rationing and Alternative Solutions

In an attempt to combat the water crisis, The World Economic Forum suggests implementing rationing measures, not only for water but also for meat and bug products. As alarming as it may sound, these alternative solutions might be necessary to ensure the availability of resources for all. It is a wake-up call for us to reconsider our consumption patterns and embrace sustainable alternatives.

Intentional Pollution and Control

Believe it or not, pollution and contamination of water sources are not always accidental. There is evidence to suggest that intentional actions are being taken to control water. This sinister strategy aims to manipulate the distribution and accessibility of this vital resource. By polluting water sources intentionally, those in power can gain control and hold others at their mercy.

Challenges of Filtering Forever Chemicals and Microplastics

The battle to ensure clean and safe drinking water is further compounded by the challenge of filtering out forever chemicals and microplastics. Forever chemicals, also known as PFAS, pose a significant threat due to their resistance to decay. Similarly, microplastics have infiltrated water sources, presenting a severe risk to both human health and the environment. The development of effective filtration systems to combat these contaminants remains a pressing issue.

Personal Land at Risk

The water crisis isn’t limited to large-scale ramifications; it can also affect individual landowners. Water sources on personal properties may be at risk of intentional pollution and accidents. This disturbing trend is a blatant violation of personal rights and poses a threat to self-sufficiency. It is essential for individuals to be aware and proactive in safeguarding their water sources.


The water crisis looms ahead, serving as a reminder of the precarious world we live in. The danger is not just limited to scarcity, but also the potential control over water that could lead to a world government. The Chinese land acquisition, increasing water wars, rationing suggestions, deliberate pollution, filtration challenges, and personal land at risk all contribute to the severity of the situation. It is imperative for us to address this crisis collectively and take proactive measures to protect and preserve our most precious resource: water.