Storing and Organizing Seeds #preparedness #prepper # Gardening

So you're probably a lot better at Organizing seeds than I am but every Year when it comes to springtime I'm Always searching around sorry if the Chickens are being loud right now but They're joining in but I found this on Amazon and I wanted to show everyone and This is basically a photo case uh that You can put old photos in which none of Us do anymore but we probably should but It's got all these individual packs in Here and I'm putting all of our seeds Individually in each of these that way I Know where they are every year you can See I've got these labeled the different Types of seeds and over here we've got Lisa's flowers and with these I'm not Sure which ones are heirlooms and which Ones aren't anymore but eventually I'm Going to label them like that so just a Pretty cool little idea for storing your Seeds and being able to grab them in the You know in the springtime when you need Them

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