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Thank you [Music] Hi folks welcome to the prepared Homestead this is Travis Well for stopping by to watch Oh so the the whole world war three Thing and the China war and all that Kind of stuff It's not going away folks it's it's Getting the drums are beating louder and Louder so to speak And there's been some information come Out uh recently that not too many people In the media sphere is really talking About and I think it's important to note Because up until well this thing most People would say well the reason why we Haven't you know gone to war with China Why they haven't fully provoked us why They haven't you know kicked that ant Hill Is because they know that we can kick Their butts they know they don't can Stand a chance that they're years away From developing enough military power And building their their strength To defeat us that we have a much bigger Navy much more sophisticated Navy we Have a lot more weapons the world just I Mean they got people but you know they Can't do anything with a bunch of people They can't take anywhere We could kick their hind ends Well that may not necessarily be true

Um in some of these classified documents That's been leaked by this Massachusetts Air National Guardsmen Which just is strange to me that Some 20 year old Air National Guard Would have access to that kind of Classified information but hey anyways Um There's documents that was leaked uh From our government Stating how we're worried because China could take out our Fleet very Easily that are all of those big Aircraft carriers that we like to brag About and our big naval fleet basically Are worthless that we couldn't get Anywhere near China And they could pretty much take them out And this is not really new news at least To me uh Some of the military gentlemen and and And our group and there's a few of them That are you know career vets that's Been a discussion for a while now Amongst our group is that China has technology that basically Makes the aircraft carrier And really a naval fleet [Applause] You know not important that they can They can take it out so they have these Hypersonic missiles we all know about That Russia has them too And they can take out

Our aircraft carriers and destroyers and All these other ships before we're able To even do anything with them and According to this document leak It's believed that basically anything From Guam Uh in towards the you know Chinese Coast Could be taken out easily by These Hypersonic missiles that they have And that we have no defense against them They move way too fast for us to take Them down They're able to move around as they're In flight so they're able to change Course And they can carry a pretty substantial Warhead can basically A missile maybe two could take out our Big aircraft carriers that we like to Brag so much about There's also been information until Stating that China has been rapidly Building lots of missiles lots of Weapons I mean think about it and and I Know there's a Maybe that their their weapons aren't Nearly as good as ours but here's the Thing China has proven over the last few Decades And this is It's really been this way Forever That they're capable of building stuff Really fast mass quantities they have

The workforce And they have most of the resources or At least the availability to get the Resources to do this I mean a lot of our Weapons Systems certain components come from China And so why not why wouldn't they be able To to build a lot of stuff Was watching a video the other day and A guy that is in a position to know is Saying that That people on the inside believe that China has probably thousands of nuclear Weapons The official number Is like three or four hundred nuclear Warheads but that number has pretty much Been the same for the last two or three Decades and it's because China doesn't Let anybody know what they have and we Have really really bad intelligence And just to prove that I saw an article Yesterday stating that our intelligence Community is worried that because The Iron Curtain in China is so strong And the intelligence that we have is so Limited That they could Attack Taiwan and we wouldn't know about it Until it began And so they're able to they've been able To do very well at keeping things secret

And so they say they've had two to three To four hundred nuclear warheads and That number's not changed in the last Two or three decades and yet we know That they're building and have been Building them so how many do they have Do they have thousands very possible What else do they have we know that they Have a lot of Underground Storage facilities and places that They're keeping stuff so who knows what They really have So this idea that well we could easily Defeat China I wouldn't always be so sure of that They also are very good at [Applause] Um you know cyber warfare type tactics I Think they could handle themselves Pretty well and even if China may not Yet have the capability of coming here To our soil and defeating us I think They definitely have the capability of Taking on and taking over Taiwan and we Probably wouldn't be able to do too much About it especially now and then that's The other thing I've seen a lot of these experts and I Believe even a few months ago that uh General milley said something to this Effect That China probably would move on Taiwan but

Not for years to come they're years away From that they're years away from Confronting the United States and here's My my thing on that And I've seen numbers anywhere between Five to seven years away is when China Is actually planning on on attacking on Taking on the United States militarily If that's so then why are they making so Much saber rattling noise right now Because they have to know that America Is in a fairly weak position between our Leadership In Washington and Military brass and low Numbers of of ammunition and you know Poor recruitment numbers all these Everything is in a pretty much of a funk Right now when it comes to America's Military might Why would they be making so much noise About a potential war with us in five to Seven years And just give us that much time to start Building our our military capabilities Back up If that's the case if they're wanting to Do it in a few years then just shut up About it And then hit us so I don't believe that I believe that That the possibility of us being Confronted In a conventional war with China is Probably much much sooner than five to

Seven years They know that the they have to know That that window of time is becoming Narrower and narrower and [Applause] Just like Any type of predatory animal When they see that their prey is at its Weakest point they know they have to Move on it they know they may not get Another shot And I'm sure that China is the same way They know that if they wait much longer Another president could come in Enough people they've got to see that The um The sentiment of the American people is Very Shaky right now and that there's enough Americans potentially that are sick and Tired of the garbage that we're seeing And that we may push back and who knows We may win And who knows we may rebuild America Pretty quickly as a strong Nation once Again they know all these things And so I would guess that if China has Any intentions whatsoever Of moving on Taiwan And confronting the United States It's probably going to be sooner than Later [Applause] It may be smarter than me about things

And have things figured out but to me it Would just seem Really dumb to be doing all the things That they're doing right now Going all over the world Building relationships and allies So that when it does happen When the United States does start Sanctioning China Like they've done Russia it won't mean Anything [Applause] And basically telling the world That they no longer fear the United States I can't imagine them doing all this and Then saying oh But we're not going to do anything for Six or seven years Once you've all forgotten about what We've done And Everything's changed then we'll move It just doesn't seem like a likely Scenario I suspect That these folks that are saying oh it's Years away There's there's some controlled Distraction there They don't want the American people to To Um All of a sudden be jolted from their Slumber

Thinking that oh my goodness We we might actually have to face this Big superpower And that we're not prepared And that we've let things slide well They've been building things They don't want people to know that so They figure Let's tell them it's a few years off And they'll forget about it There's a serious reality that Us in China Could be engaged in conflict Not too far away And I think the repercussions of that Are pretty serious Um Saw some numbers the other day estimates That If we were to be engaged in a conflict With China That um The economy would probably slow down and Slide Worse than it did during the Great Depression We're already in a pretty bad spot so That's not good either We're losing allies All over the world I mean France is Buddy enough now I mean They were Friends have been our our closest Ally Since the beginning of our nation we

Wouldn't you could argue that we Wouldn't even be a nation if it hadn't Been for France's friendship And now they're buddying up with China Spain's buddied up with China Most of Eastern Europe is now starting To think that China is not too bad of a Guy Africa South America pretty much all of South America and most of Africa We're already losing the war folks We're losing the war and this idea that Well Their economy is just too small it's not Nearly as big as the United States their Their power of their currency is not Nearly as powerful well those are true Things But they're closing the gap Our economy is like 23 24 trillion Dollars a year their economies 18 Trillion dollars a year Um so they're catching up with us Yeah we have a whole lot more currency And circulation But um they have Virtually no inflation uh their debt to GDP ratio is almost nothing And I know there's all kinds of reports Of you know their economy doing bad in The real estate market stuff possibly True But you always have to understand That China

Their prime prime uh directive they're They're their main objective is not Capitalism and wealth like America's is Theirs is you know To grow their their their power because They're Communists and so if they have To take a hit financially here and there To to grow their their reach and their Control I'd say they're probably okay With that [Applause] And here all the while we have American Government leadership Sitting around on their thumbs [Applause] Thinking that Oh you know we've been the biggest and The baddest for you know 70 years There's no way they could take us Not really sitting down and thinking Could they actually take us I think that's the biggest problem we Think that we're too big to fall And usually when we get to that point That means the collapse is near World War III a major conflict with China would be devastating for this Nation even if we did win And you're going to feel that everyone's Gonna feel that Most likely would be a draft Inflation would Skyrocket The amount of intrusive laws passed Would Skyrocket it's all going to get

Worse I wanted before I get off of here Real quick I kind of forgot but I'll go Ahead and add it I want to play a little Clip for you Um Have been talking about this off and on For a while the amount of Chinese That are coming across the border Illegally I mean hundreds of thousands well here's A recent video uh down in South America And this is another Caravan of Immigrants heading towards the U.S Border and this one the vast majority of It they're all Chinese males like Military age male which I'm going to go Ahead and play this so that you can see Actually I'll just probably put it up Here we'll do that that way you can see It don't make a little room because There's you don't need to necessarily Hear the audio the guy filming is Walking through going China China from China China and they're going yeah yeah [Applause] Is that not scare anyone It's not that not like have any alert Alarm bells and stuff that we got Thousands tens of thousands hundreds of Thousands of Chinese military aged male Where's the families You know it's not like you could say Well they're coming here for a better Life where's the women the children

Strange isn't it We're being invaded and infiltrated Everywhere And our our leadership is either Incapable And blind and filled with hubris Or they are Involved and encouraging it and Sabotaging our own Nation It's time to give up on hooping That our leadership and government will Protect us and take your life and your Needs into your own hands folks become As self-sufficient as possible get Prepared get your houses in order Prepare mentally physically and Spiritually thanks for watching catch You in the next video

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