Prepping Tips: Charging Your Batteries in SHTF

Emergency Preparedness: Better to Be Proactive Than Reactive!

When we listen to the terms “house survival”, “calamity survival”, as well as “emergency kits” we frequently equate these points to the incorrect terms. These days, people relate those points to “Doomsday Preppers” or those that planned for December 21, 2012, as well as returning a couple of years to that of the impending ruin of Y2K. Although the popularity of the TV program Doomsday Preppers, has opened the eyes to people of being prepared if there is an emergency situation, it has actually done it an injustice as well.

How To Have Electricity When The Power Goes Out For Your Laptop, Cell Phone and More

Storm Sandy educated countless Americans some essential lessons about electric power failures, as countless individuals were without power for a number of days, and also some over a week. Suppose you could take a basic action or 2 to ensure that you at the very least had electric power for your cell phone, laptop as well as various other small appliances just in situation you lost power? The fact is that the majority of people think the only way they can have a backup electric power source is if they spend numerous hundred dollars on a portable emergency situation generator as well as shop fuel to run it …

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