Phil (Down2Mob) Joins Us to Talk All Things Overlanding and Mobility

How to Communicate When Phones Are Out in an Emergency

When an emergency spreads out beyond the local area, phones are most likely to head out. Conventional phone lines break, cellular phone towers fail, and circuits obtain overloaded. The alternative to no phones is to use hand-held radios, or walkie-talkies. Obtain the appropriate radios for your household or Area Emergency Response Group by addressing essential questions concerning reach, attributes, price and also training.

Reuniting Your Family Following a Major Disaster

When an emergency situation strikes, your initial thoughts will certainly be for the security and location of member of the family and also pet dogs. Up until you have actually reached them, you are unlikely to be able to concentrate on anything else. An excellent calamity strategy identifies this problem and includes steps that will aid guarantee as well as reunite the family as swiftly as feasible. Three key parts – family members interactions strategy, the ideal phones, and an alternating meeting point– need forethought and participation with others.

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