My Patriot Supply 72 Hour Kit Review 2022

My Patriot Supply 72 Hour Kit

We’re going to be reviewing the My Patriot Supply the sample pack. The main reason for looking into this company was to find a long, lasting emergency food supply. I know last year in Texas we had a freeze over and that last left everyone stranded. I remember thinking man. I wish i had some more food for preparation.

Uh. We had plenty of food. Just you know. If that lasted another two weeks, he would have been out of luck now. There are many people that weren’t prepared at all anyways, let’s get into it, so first off the taste was actually pretty decent.

My kit came with the mac and cheese which is okay. The chicken flavored rice was my favorite, the home style, potato soup and the maple grove oatmeal, which was the easiest to make. I used a stove top a fire can be used if there’s no electricity. The cooking took about 30 minutes for each one. Besides the oatmeal which took about you, know five minutes, the cooking instructions were simple and to the point uh this kit and the MRE’S are a great camping bill to bring along if you’re you know out, and about calorie wise.

It’s about 2,000 calories a day and the kids are per person or you could go off how many servings from handling it first hand um. I see this is a great way to stay prepared for a disaster. Shelf life is up to 25 years. So I guess I’ll make a video in 25 years to see how they did.

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