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Master the 300 Blackout: From Subsonic to Supersonic Ammo – Quick Drill & Expert Tips for Best Results!


Are you ready to take your shooting skills to the next level? In this article, we’ll guide you through a quick drill that will help you master the art of switching between subsonic and supersonic ammo in your 300 Blackout rifle. By the end of this drill, you’ll be confident in your ability to make accurate shots with both types of ammunition and understand the benefits of using each in different situations. So grab your rifle, load up your magazines, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Take one shot of Subsonic behind cover at 20 yards.

To begin our drill, find a suitable shooting range with adequate targets set up at 20 yards. Start by taking cover and loading a magazine with subsonic ammunition. Take your time to aim carefully, ensuring that you have a stable shooting position. Once you are ready, take one shot at the target using the subsonic ammo. This round is designed to be quiet and stealthy, making it perfect for situations where you want to maintain a low profile while hunting or engaging targets at close range.

Step 2: Quickly move to 50 yards and take cover.

Now that you have taken your shot at 20 yards, it’s time to challenge yourself by increasing the distance. Move quickly to cover at the 50-yard mark while keeping your rifle at the ready. This step simulates real-world scenarios where you may need to relocate swiftly to gain a better vantage point or reposition yourself to engage multiple targets. Remember to prioritize safety and maintain proper firearm handling throughout the drill.

Step 3: Switch magazines to a Super Sonic magazine.

Once you have reached cover at 50 yards, prepare to switch to supersonic ammunition. This type of ammo packs more punch and is ideal for engagements at longer distances where accuracy and stopping power are essential. Swap out your subsonic magazine for one loaded with supersonic rounds, ensuring that you are reloaded and ready to transition smoothly.

Step 4: Dump the last round of subsonic in the chamber.

Before you can fire the supersonic ammo, it’s crucial to clear your firearm of any remaining subsonic rounds. To do this, safely discharge the last round of subsonic ammunition into a safe direction while maintaining proper muzzle control. This step reduces the risk of a hybrid load, where both subsonic and supersonic rounds are loaded simultaneously, which can negatively affect accuracy and reliability.

Step 5: Follow up with a supersonic shot on target.

With the chamber cleared of subsonic rounds, it’s time to unleash the power of supersonic ammunition. Aim carefully and take a shot at the target using your supersonic round. Observe the difference in recoil, sound, and impact compared to the subsonic shot you fired earlier. Supersonic rounds offer increased velocity and energy, making them perfect for longer-range engagements where precision and stopping power are paramount.

Showcasing the concept and benefits of 300 Blackout.

The drill we just performed highlights the versatility of the 300 Blackout cartridge. This unique round is specifically designed for use in AR-style rifles and offers a range of benefits for shooters. By incorporating both subsonic and supersonic ammo options, the 300 Blackout allows you to tailor your ammunition choice to your specific needs and preferences.

Use subsonic for stealth and switch to supersonic for maximum effectiveness.

One of the key advantages of the 300 Blackout is its ability to use subsonic ammunition. Subsonic rounds are designed to fly below the speed of sound, resulting in reduced noise and muzzle blast. This makes them ideal for situations where stealth is crucial, such as hunting or personal defense scenarios. On the other hand, supersonic ammunition provides higher velocity and energy, making it more effective for longer-range engagements or when you need greater stopping power.

Share your thoughts about the drill in the comments.

Now that you’ve completed the drill and experienced the difference between subsonic and supersonic ammo in your 300 Blackout rifle, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you notice a substantial change in recoil and impact? How confident are you in switching between the two types of ammunition? Share your experiences and insights in the comments section below. Your feedback can help others in their journey to master the 300 Blackout.

In conclusion, mastering the art of switching between subsonic and supersonic ammo is a valuable skill for any shooter. The quick drill we covered in this article allows you to practice and fine-tune your ability to adapt to different shooting scenarios. Remember to prioritize safety at all times, and continue to hone your skills through regular practice. By becoming proficient with both types of ammunition, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of shooting situations and maximize the effectiveness of your 300 Blackout rifle. So get out there, put your skills to the test, and enjoy the thrill of mastering the 300 Blackout!