Become Your Own Police Officer?

What to Do in a Carjacking?

Carjacking is a reality of life in numerous parts of the globe. Several can be avoided. What should you do if confronted with this scenario? Before a carjacking occurs, the crooks are searching for a very easy sufferer. What does a sitting duck appear like?

How to Have Peace of Mind in Any Disaster

Discover what it requires gotten ready for any type of calamity. The only method to make it with a disaster is to be prepared for it, let us reveal you exactly how.

Flood Defence Tips – How to Use Traditional Sandbags

Sandbags have long been a main tool in any kind of flooding support collection. They are possibly not the most reliable step to avoid flood waters however they can offer a temporary option. They are useful for blocking entrances, drains pipes, vents as well as for developing more substantial sandbag wall surfaces to hold back rivers as well as rising flood waters.

Driving – Do You Know What to Do?

Black ice? Hurricanes touching down? Blink floodings? Do you know what to do?

Survival Food Supplies For Your Emergency Kit

When creating your emergency situation readiness kit you need to consider what kinds and just how much food things you wish to do away with. You might be believing brief term as in a weeks worth out to one year supply.

Light Up the Night With a Really Good Flashlight

Control the night with a solid, well made tactical flashlight. Experiment it, as well as you will acquire not only lighting, however self-confidence.

Aztec Calendar and 2012 Prophecy

The Aztec people were specific ethnic groups in Central Mexico, specifically those teams that talked the Nahuatl dialect and that dominated huge parts of Mesoamerica in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, a duration referred to as the late post-classic time period in Mesoamerican chronology. Both the Mayan as well as Aztec 2012 schedule have the similar time cycle.

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