Are you really ready for a collapse?

Foreign [Music] Folks welcome to the prepared Homestead This is Travis thank you all for Stopping by to watch Haven't decided yet whether I'm going to Put this video on YouTube or patreon I Don't know we'll just see how it goes And I guess you'll find out when you get To watch it whoever you are Thoughts no organization to this video At all Ready are you For the collapse In whatever way that that comes and I Know that's all relative and you can say Well it depends on how bad it is as Opposed to you know how much prepared I Am I I get it I get all that in Generally speaking How ready are you I would guess The vast majority of us if we were Honest with ourselves And really thought about it We'd probably say we're not probably Very ready Especially because some of you Believe that we're we're in those end Times I know not everybody some of you think We're in that precursor to the end times Those days of Noah the birthing pains Maybe we're into the end time I don't

Know I mean I'm no expert Um I'm sure that has a lot to do with What your opinion of is of whether or Not you're that ready The point though is Is that I think deep down inside Wow some of us are more ready than Others some of us have done this longer Or have you know put more time and Effort and money into preparations Taking it more serious than others I think most of us would say that we're Probably not that ready for [Music] Um whatever's coming at us because As the days go on and as more and more Things happen because it's just pretty Much every day now I heard someone say That the day that we're on a about a 25 Minute news cycle That's probably correct and it just Seems like daily that there's just Something new to happen And as these things happen it becomes More apparent Um that whatever collapse that we are About to Embark upon Could be quite significant I know the naysayers the the Federal Reserve and the Treasury and the president and all the Mainstream media Is doing their very best to convince you That

Everything's fine and in the worst case Scenario we might have a little bit of a Hiccup a little bit of a speed bump well Folks we have hit speed bump after speed Bump to the point that their mountains Just over the last few years and and It's like everyone wants to forget about All that oh well you know no we might Maybe maybe possibly have a soft Landing Recession we've been in a recession for Years now I mean maybe not all the numbers show That but there's a big difference Between what's happening on Wall Street And the effects that we feel on Main Street And in Main Street America Whether people wanted it believe it or Not we are experiencing the results of a Financial recession in the sense that We don't have the buying power we did we Don't have the stability and the comfort That we did the the confidence In our in our income and our wealth the Confidence in our future it all the Numbers show that You know along with the fact that all The bad stuff is worse you know Prime Uh you know drugs and violence and just Mental problems and all this kind of Stuff demoralization of of our Traditions and beliefs to everything It's all getting worse And

I think it's worthy to ask you know to Constantly kind of question ourselves Put ourselves in check are we ready for This And again Most of us being honest would probably Say no I'm not I'm a little that's a Trepidation a little bit of worry a Little bit of stress because it may be a Lot worse than we thought That's probably where a lot of us are at And that's normal I think that's pretty normal Not too many of you watching Um have the the wealth to ensure Everything's just gonna go smooth you Can just you know write a check And everything be taken care of and you Don't have to worry about it So In your journey of becoming more Self-sufficient you know your your Attempt to be as prepared as possible For everything that's happening we have To put it into perspective and Understand that we have our limitations They're just there's just so many hours In the day there's only so much stuff we Can get done there's only so many Dollars that we have to purchase the Things that we need It's that's just a fact And We also have to not allow

Those facts To bring us down To worry us to stress us out Because the truth is is that you and I That I would I would Or Batman I'd probably say I bet about Every one of my listeners are much more Prepared than the average person out There because the average person isn't Prepared at all The average person isn't even aware That things are bad there's a little gut Feeling telling them that something's Not right but they're still believing All the narrative and they say well you Know I feel something's off but you know All these people that would never lie to Me at all are telling me it's okay so They must be right You and I are different You and I know that these people are Lying to us because they've lied to us Well forever I mean they've always lied To us And and we also know that it's that it's Not true because we're consciously aware Of the the changes that's happened and We remember things longer than 15 Minutes which is about the average it Seems the average American remembers Things we know what happened a year and Two and three and four years ago we get It We know there's changes and we know it's

Getting worse and just that fact alone Makes us more prepared than most people And most of you are doing physical Things too you're trying to put back You're trying to to get yourself ready No no you know are you do you have Enough stuff to to weather a complete Total collapse that could last years or Decades maybe not But You're aware that you need to and you're Working towards as many things as Possible so while the the road ahead Could certainly be rough and even if you Are Somewhat fairly prepared it doesn't mean Things are going to be easy for you it's Just a little bit more Insurance to kind Of increase your odds of survivability We have to understand that The biggest thing I think that is important is the mental And spiritual preparedness because That's what's really going to push us Through when things get crazy and I Think that they are I think this Ridiculous dystopian world that many of You have seen and movies or read about In books I think that we're about to see That start to put into place I mean we Really already are We're already seeing policies and Technologies happen That is it it's going to be there I mean

Just this AI thing alone you start to Really look at you know like something Like half And I don't know how they come up with These numbers but somewhere around half Of the people involved in the Development of AI Scientists or whatever believe that There's a pretty good chance that at Some point AI will destroy Humanity Like what and you're actually helping Create it Uh and then most people that are Developing AI believe that AI is going To So vastly change Humanity to the point That it won't even be recognizable and If you think that AI is all these little Chat bot things that you know are so Popular now that's like the comparison Of a child's water pistol versus uh the Most advanced F-35 you know uh you know Fighter jet plane that that's the Comparison these these little chat Bots That are becoming popular there's such a Watered-down version of what real AI is That it's it's hardly even comparable And people get used to them you know That's the it's no different than sin All these things that's happened over The last few years that we normalized And said was okay really has opened the Door to the pedophilia and all that kind Of stuff that's happening right now that

They're pushing because we got Conditioned to okay this stuff and then Now when this other stuff happens we're Not as shocked it's the same way with The chat stuff you know people think It's cool and it's novel and it's fun And then when the real AI comes out No no you're not quite as shocked by it And that's just one example There's many things that they have in The works that they're that's being Developed behind the scenes that every Once in a while we get a glimmer of what They're really doing And it's absolutely shocking they're Real plans the real plans to control Things the real plans to alter you their Real plans to dominate everything even Down to your thoughts you know there's There's technology already now that can That they're developing that can read Your thoughts can interpret it that you Can wear this this device this brain Chip and that it'll it'll interpret your Dreams and it'll basically turn them Into like a movie Um that that can um that can Understand your thoughts these these They they measure brain waves and eye Activity and all these kinds of things This is some scary stuff folks Because it may be cool and novel now but Um it could be used in such horrible Ways in the future and most likely we'll

Be I think that's where we're headed And these are things that I don't even Know how to prepare for I mean we talk about something like Digital currency and all these things That you can do but how do you really Really prepare for it because when that Day comes that they decide to force it On you that it's the only choice you Have I mean you're just pretty much your only Other option is to be an outlaw I mean that's probably what it boils Down to And they know this and I think that's Why they're not too terribly worried About folks like you and I sure they Have to kind of keep their thumb on us a Little bit every once in a while they They show that by throwing someone in Jail to let everyone else know that we Can still control you we can still take Your house away we can still put you in Prison but they're not rounding us all Up because they know in the end they Have the the power and the capability to Exert complete total control over us Which is also very biblical it's going To be a a very dark period whether it's Biblical or it's just another one of Those cyclical resets that history goes Through either way it's going to be Horrific And we have to get ready for it as best

As we can but yet we also can't be so Consumed with the fact that we're not as Ready as we want to be We have to keep pushing forward have That perseverance and yet not allow the The the the shortcomings to overtake us Um keep pushing and keep trying every Day to do a little bit more putting a Little bit more back becoming much more Serious about it this is this is life or Death folks and you've got to put all of Your efforts into it and make it a Priority in your life because the people That are running this reset are Certainly making it a priority just the Other day Klaus Schwab said that the World economic forum is going to push Even harder because they feel that They're not meeting their goals to get Through this agenda 2030 reset so Continue with your preparations continue With what you're doing because it may be The thing that keeps you from I don't Know complete total control folks get Your houses in order and prepare Yourselves mentally physically and Spiritually thank you for watching and I'll catch you in the next video