Why MILSURP Prepper Gear Continues to Reign as the Affordable Choice

Why MILSURP Prepper Gear Continues to Reign as the Affordable Choice


As a thrifty prepper, I am always on the hunt for budget-friendly gear that doesn’t compromise on quality. After extensive research and personal experience, I can confidently say that military surplus gear, also known as “milsurp,” is the ultimate answer. In this article, I will delve into the reasons why MILSURP prepper gear continues to be the go-to choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing functionality and durability.

The Price to Quality Ratio for MILSURP Gear is Hard to Beat

When it comes to prepping, there is a common misconception that high-quality gear must come with a hefty price tag. However, MILSURP gear debunks this notion by offering exceptional quality at prices that don’t break the bank. Whether you’re in need of sturdy clothing, reliable backpacks, or other essential equipment, military surplus has got you covered.

You Can Save Money and Still Have High-Quality Equipment with Military Surplus Gear

One of the primary advantages of opting for MILSURP gear is the significant cost savings it offers. By purchasing surplus items directly from military sources or reputable suppliers, you can bypass the retail markups typically associated with mainstream products. This means you can invest in high-quality gear that would otherwise be unaffordable at regular retail prices.

Midway USA: A Great Source for Affordable and High-Quality MILSURP Gear

When it comes to sourcing MILSURP gear, one name stands out in the market: Midway USA. They are renowned for their extensive collection of affordable military surplus items, catering to preppers of all budgets. From clothing and backpacks to field equipment and accessories, Midway USA has everything you need to prepare for any situation.

Some Obscure Options for the Budget-Conscious Prepper

While the availability of MILSURP gear can vary depending on the market, there are some hidden gems that deserve recognition:

  • Swiss M83 Field Jacket for $10: This sturdy and stylish jacket offers excellent insulation, making it ideal for colder climates.

  • Swiss Eye Mask for $40: For those planning to face extreme weather conditions, the Swiss eye mask provides unparalleled protection for the face and eyes, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.

  • Swiss M70 Field Pants: Although priced affordably, the design and fit of these pants may be questionable for some individuals. It’s crucial to consider comfort and mobility when investing in any gear.

  • Swiss Mountain Gators for $15: These gators are a must-have for anyone venturing into deep snow or wet environments. They provide reliable protection against moisture, ensuring your feet stay dry during your outdoor adventures.

  • Swiss M90 Rucksack for $30: The Swiss M90 rucksack offers durability and capacity at an affordable price. With multiple compartments and comfortable straps, it’s designed to carry your essentials without weighing you down.


In conclusion, MILSURP prepper gear is the ultimate choice for those seeking high-quality equipment on a budget. Not only does it offer unbeatable price to quality ratio, but it also provides a wide range of options to suit diverse needs. Whether you’re looking for clothing, backpacks, or specialized gear, military surplus has got you covered. So, why spend a fortune when you can invest in MILSURP gear, saving money while ensuring you have everything you need for your prepping endeavors? Choose wisely, save smartly, and prepare efficiently.