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Perfect for concealed carry or as a Backup weapon micro pistols are becoming Increasingly popular for their Portability and ease of use these Compact Firearms may be small in size But they pack a serious punch in this Video we'll be taking a close look at Some of the top micro pistols on the Market including their features Specifications and performance we'll Also be hearing from experts in the Field who will share their insights on These Firearms get ready for an in-depth Look at the best micro pistols of 2023. Let's dive in Loretta model 21A Bobcat Covert parking back to Beretta's Earliest pocket pistols the model 21 is Steeped in Nostalgia and now in modern Adaptability yep The Classy aluminum Framed Bobcat is available suppressor Ready and the aptly named covert Boasting standard 22LR thread pattern on Its muzzle the pistol is compatible with Nearly any Rimfire cam but not Suppressed the threads are protected With a knurled cap cutting a dashing Profile the seven plus one capacity Bobcat covert is outfitted with Checkered Walnut grips and a rich matte Black burnitin finish it's still every Bit of pocket pistol weighing in at just Under 12 ounces able to mount a Suppressor the Bobcat covert is now a First class range companion Sig Sauer

P238 ticking like a Swiss made timepiece The P238 had folks looking 380 ACP long Before the cartridge regained popularity Of course Sig invested some Sound Engineering to conjure up a pocket Pistol that runs like a full-size iron At its Essence the 380 pistol is a micro 1911 offering all the assets John M Browning intended and perhaps his most Famous design a good example was a Smashing single action trigger that Works over time in ensuring the 2.7 inch Barreled guns accuracy as far as conceal Ability you beat the P238 at 3.9 inches Is in height and 15 ounces unloaded it Is legitimately a pocket pistol and Would do well in this role though for Some there are some sticky points to the Pistol the thumb safety is one the cost Is the other the six plus one capacity P238 runs on the spendier side of the Spectrum take solace though phew ever Fuel the pistol is a waste of money Ruger Max 9 Ruger joins the micro nine Millimeter Fray with a pint-sized pistol That has the stuff to contend more than Anything the Striker Fired max9 offers Up excellent capacity in a small package Beating off 12 round extended capacity And 10 round flush fit magazines the 3.2 Inch barreled gun is excellently Executed with aggressive texturing on All grip bases and ample caulking Serrations on the slide it's a modern

Take on the concealed carry pistol to Boot boasting a slide cut compatible With a wide selection of Red Dot Optics That's plenty or a gun with a price tag Of 589 dollars Beretta 3032 Tomcat Tip-Up guns are so utterly cool and the Tomcat is just the coolest Beretta's 32 ACP Tomcat looks like the whiny little Brother to the Beretta 92 series with an Open slide an exposed Barrel that Barrel Pops up and allows the user to load a Single round into the tube without Having to rack the slide an all metal 14.5 ounce frame combined with a 32 ACP Cartridge results in a rather soft Shooting pocket pistol soft shooting is Relative but for a gun this tiny it's Quite comfortable the sights are rather Nub-like but the Dasa trigger helps a Bit with accuracy popping the trigger Into single action mode delivers a Lighter and shorter trigger pull the Helps you out when it comes to shock Placement the Tomcat is predictably Quite small with a 3.7 inch overall Height and a 4.92 inch overall length But it's a little wider than most with a 1.1 inch width even so it's easy to Carry in your pocket and delivers Performance on par with its coolness Savage stance Savage came out of left field when they Announced the stance pistol in late 2021 The company's first handgun in more than

100 years while other manufacturers have Been scrambling to keep up with the Double stacked micro nine millimeter Trend Savage opted to make their micro 9 A little different sticking with single Stack mags that are available in 7 8 or 10 round capacities The Stance pistol is Noticeably Slimmer than its competitors It may not have the highest capacity on The market but it's certainly Concealable with its 3.2 inch barrel and 0.96 inch width and Savage Incorporated Features that make it a good shooter too The pistol gets its name from its use of A natural pointing 18 degree grip angle And it has interchangeable back straps As well they're available in three Different colors either with or without A manual safety and Savage has package Options that also include a laser Timber R7 Mako Kimber was a bit late to the Party with her own micro nine millimeter Handgun but it has some interesting Features that keep it in the running With existing micro nine millimeter Models The R7 Mako ships from the factory with An Optics ready slide capable of Mounting rmsc footprint red dots but it Comes standard with tritium night sights As well the pistol's controls are fully Ambidextrous and each Mako shifts with One flush fitting 11 round magazine plus An extended 13 round mag Kimber offers

The Mako with a crimson trace optic Already installed too but the standard Optics ready model has an MSRP of 599 Dollars Springfield Armory 911 Value and performance oftentimes it's an Inverse relationship Not the case with Springfield armory's Petite effective and yes dashing 380 Pistol before we get to the 911's Brass Tax however yes it does have a striking Resemblance to Sig's P238 as Springfield Just knocked off the pistol and left it At that it'd be an issue however the Company improved upon a proven design Giving it legs of its own to stand on in Particular the pistol is lighter than The P238 arguably has better sights Nicer standard G10 grips and is Considerably more affordable not to Mention the aluminum frame might is Fully capable of shooting the lights out Though there is at least one bone to Pick the trigger if there's any one Thing to raise eyebrows it's the 911's G10 switch an effort to cut weight in Costs this is to say the pull and the Brake aren't excellent they're what You'd expect from a single action of 1911 lineage yet for some it just Doesn't have the same field as cold hard Steel a deal breaker no still something To keep in mind if you're finicky Smith And Wesson m p Shield The Shield is one Of the most popular single stack nine

Millimeter pistols and there's a reason For that it's affordably priced easy to Conceal and it is loaded with features Like white low profile three Dot sights And a smooth six and a half pound Trigger this polymer framed Striker fire 9 comes with two different magazines a Seven round version to maximize Concealability and an 8 Round version to Maximize capacity at 0.95 inches wide And just 6.1 inches long with a 3.1 inch Barrel The Shield is perfectly Proportioned for easy concealment under Light clothes the textured grip offers a Secure hole without being overly Aggressive and painful for ungloved Hands metal Parts receive a corrosion Resistant finish to protect the gun Against the abuses of daily carry Sig Sauer p938 as far as pocket pistols go The Sig Sauer p938 is one of the most Comfortable I've ever fired especially For a nine millimeter something Sig did To this gun makes it very comfortable to Fire and handle maybe it's Swiss magic Or maybe it's the all metal frame Regardless it's comfortable to shoot and Doesn't beat your hand with every shot It's 1911 like but not purely 1911. if You love 1911s you'll appreciate this Mini fella and its ergonomics the thumb Safety is present as is the single Action only design and single stack nine Millimeter magazine the small size makes

It easy to pocket carry but admittedly The safety hammer and large sights have Some snag potential best way to deal With that is a properly fitting pocket Holster at 16 ounces it's Hefty but Hefty helps with Comfort when the gun Goes bang unlike other pocket pistols The Sig p938 comes outfitted for Exceptional accuracy the single action Trigger large sights and excellent Ergonomics make it easy to snap shots Off at 25 yards with good technique and There you have it folks our top picks For the best micro pistols of 2023 we Hope this guide has been helpful in your Search for the perfect micro pistol for Your needs remember to always practice Safe handling and use of firearms and to Follow all local laws and regulations we Encourage you to do your own research And testing before making a purchase to Ensure you find the right fit for you Thank you for watch and stay safe out There [Music] Foreign

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