Ebola Scare Is the Dress Rehearsal: This Is a Wake Up Call

Ebola might or might not influence America in a big way this year, yet it does reveal some of the obvious vulnerabilities we have. The federal government is showing that, as when it comes to Storm Katrina, it is woefully unprepared to “keep us safe.” Anyone that thinks that they are not accountable for their very own security and also survival is deceiving themselves. So what are some quick as well as simple steps we can handle our own, that price nearly nothing, to give us some satisfaction? This write-up will certainly start you on the easy course to provide you the self-confidence that the scare-mongers in journalism know does not assist offer their hyped stories.

Ebola Defense: How to Survive a Quarantine and Pandemic Breakout

Ebola has actually elevated the consciousness of the country regarding pandemics. Knowing what to do when it comes to a pandemic of any kind of kind is very important to ensure that you are not at the mercy of some inept federal government company providing you guidance as well as, with any luck, giving you products …

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