Electrical Power Grid Failure: The Most Probably SHTF Scenario

If you like viewing the zombies on “The Walking Dead” or the survivalists on “End ofthe world Preppers” you have most likely taken part in some kind of discussion on what is the most likely “SHTF” (Sewer Strikes The Follower) situation to truly happen in the close to future. Considering that you probably didn’t pick “zombie apocalypse” as most likely, it’s a good wager that you thought that a failing of the national power grid was high up on the checklist. The truth is that our aging electric power grid infrastructure, integrated with the vulnerability of its internet-dependent control …

How NOT To Survive A National Power Outage If The Electrical Grid Goes Down

You do not need to be a person from the program “Doomsday Preppers” to be concerned about a major power blackout taking place. Actually, more people than ever nowadays are worried about a nationwide disaster if the electric power grid decreases, due to some hackers or a substantial solar storm. The problem is that we are so utilized to doing everything with power, from food preparation our meals in the microwave to opening our containers with electric can openers, that we are completely shed when the power goes out.

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