Top 10 Best 22 Pistols For Concealed Carry

Preppers and Survivalists: Which One Are You?

Whether you’re a follower of “Doomsday Preppers” or “The Walking Dead” you may be assuming to on your own, “am I even more of a prepper or even more of a survivalist?” Let’s have a look at the distinction in between preppers as well as survivalists as well as identify which one you are. However, while there are some differences, with many people that fall right into among both categories, there is a large quantity of overlap.

3 Reasons to Start Your Own Emergency Food Supply

The globe in which we live is becoming a much more harmful place to live daily. That’s why being prepared for any calamity or emergency scenario that can occur is more vital than ever before. The one point that no one can afford to do without is an emergency food supply which is vital for surviving any kind of long or temporary catastrophe. Here are 3 reason that you need a supply of emergency food now.

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