This Is Out Of Control…

Okay YouTubers this is the Angry Pepper So today's video we're going to talk About something in New York City that's Getting out of control Now besides the obvious right that crime Is getting out of control that the media I think downplays a lot of the things That go on the NYPD is definitely Under Reporting a lot of crimes that are going On so that it looks like crime is going Down especially violent crimes now this That's what's going on in the city is Not a violent crime but nonetheless guys It's a crime and carjackings are up but What's Up Beyond carjacking or a lot of it is Uh car theft so people are stealing cars Now Breaking into cars are up again debt Drop down for a little while now it's Back up but card theft is up car theft Is up so much that in I think it's the 4-6 Precinct in the Bronx they are Handing out Apple Air tags so that you Can track your car when it gets stolen Now Instead of putting better low not low Jack but better tracking technology in Cars the city's solution was to give you An Apple Air tag to put in your car so Anybody in that Precinct area can go Pick up uh an air tag and put it in Their cars I guess if you own a couple You can probably get well two or three

Not sure exactly how they're dulling it Out or giving them out but nonetheless Guys It's a stupid solution so instead of More cops on the street instead of more Vigilance of cops being on the street They're like well we can't figure this Out so you know what let's give you an Apple Air tag so that you can watch this Shit float off to Africa Interestingly enough guys That was their solution but there's Another solution more simplistic Solution Tougher penalties on crimes like this so Of course guys a lot of the crime and We've we're watching it all over the Country we're watching all over the Country lesson penalties that's why Criminal activity is on the rise Everywhere New York City is not the only Spot but this is where I live and this Is why I talk about it and being that They came up with the stupid solution of Handing out Apple Air tags it's another Reason why I'm talking about it now yes Vigilance also goes on on the uh Civilian side as well so if you live in A smaller neighborhood or tightly knit Uh neighborhood you guys can definitely Uh come together and Watch your block or do a neighborhood Watch if you will the problem with Neighborhood watch is that of course

Liberal monkeys will get you in trouble As soon as you go Hands-On with somebody Breaking into your car now imagine Someone breaks in your car you break Their face with the pavement and all of A sudden you're going to jail because You assaulted the guy who broke any shit Not even let's not even forget the fact That when you try to Across the guy you Were like yo what are you doing on my Ride the guy turns around tries to fight With you you get the upper hand you go To jail All right so now picture that so that's Probably that's probably one of the Reason why neighborhood washes down the Other reason why neighborhood watches Down all over the at least here in the City is that there's no Community Anymore I think the uh I think the climate of the world and Just people in general have made it so So there's there's no real close-knit Community now where I used to live there Was we watched out for each other's cars But that was a few of us you know and That was those of us who owned cars and Then everybody else we didn't know we Still looked out for their ride but Seemingly in other neighborhoods you Don't see that anymore and it's and it's Dying but still not the point the point Guys is that they need to be stricter Penalties on these criminals here in the

City now yes though it's not a violent Prime to steal somebody's car because That's how exactly how Liberals are Looking at it that's exactly how they Look at it when they have criminals walk Into a CVS or Rite Aid and just steal Shit they're walking out guys with bags Of shit and no one's stopping them Because the pussies at Rite Aid and CVS And I'm talking about the CEOs they made It so they made it so that listen guys It's not worth you guys getting hurt let Them go It absolutely is and the problem guys It's not about it's not about profit Margins it's about respect and criminals Have no respect and they have to get it Beaten back into them so they walk in Your store they still your shit guess What time it is it's time to lock the Doors and tell them now as you can't Leave and go to work that's what should Be done But that's not what's happening what's Happening is that everybody's is Everybody's letting these criminals go And they're walking out and going woof I Got out of there now Target Walmart all Over the country they're being targeted For this shit and nothing's being done Back to New York City Criminals are stealing cars getting a Slap on the wrist and they're going home They're they're breaking in the stores

Slap on the wrist and they're going home That's the problem now does it lie with With Eric Adams no unfortunately as much As I would like to throw that piece of Shit onto a bus and run over and fall Back and forth on them forward and in Reverse a few thousand times it's not His fault Unfortunately not unfortunately but yeah Unfortunately it's Kathy Holcomb that Piece of shit that's another one I need To fall off to Niagara Falls this one Just allows criminals to be criminals And then you have Alvin Braggs the D.A Who allows a lot of other criminals to Walk free That's another one that's another speed Bump that needs to fucking be dealt with But again Those two are the reason why crime is High Kathy hokel and Alvin Braggs Eric Adams on the other hand though he is a Big piece of shit he's a cancer a tumor He's like the he's like the shit Underneath shit that's how shitty he is So imagine what album Braggs and Kathy Hokel is and what I could definitely say About those two pieces of shit Underneath shit It's not Eric Adams fault it's these two So again Now you have NYPD wanting to track your Car so that you put the Apple Air tag in It now if you're going to do the Apple

Air Attack guys a bit of an advice Please don't put it somewhere obvious Like the glove compartment or the center Console don't be an asshole put it try To get it underneath the rug and not the Plate not the foot mat guys the rug try To pry the rug up a little bit if you Can and stick it in there they'll never Fucking find it in there uh there's a Ton of places you can put it in the Trunk as well they're not going to sift Through your trunk to look for this Apple Air tag because it's so small so You could put it anywhere in the lining And they probably won't find it If they're thorough they might find it But if they're not they won't find That's just a quick tip anyway with that Guys now your car gets stolen and NYPD Takes your phone and tracks it and They're like oh oh shit there it is it's On its way to Africa mobutu's gonna get A new fucking BMW because you know They're stealing now it's not BMWs up They're stealing there are three or four Cars I'm gonna put them here right now These are the cars that are being stolen Or the are the the high value cars that Are being stored a high Target car sorry That are being stolen so these cars here The ones being stolen And That's pretty much it guys you you Should get stolen and and here's the

Other problem if it goes to the Chop Shop Your car's in the chop shop right now And They're like oh shit that's that's Carlos Carlos The Chop Shop guy He always has cars there let's go and Get them but whoa well we need a warrant Now they got to get a warrant to get Your shit And then how long is that going to take Now I get I'm assuming it should only Take an hour or so but they could do a Lot of damage with that car are they Going to send the unit there to get that Car out that one car they're gonna put Police in danger to get one car out or They're gonna watch this shit sit there Until they get warm all right and again If it's on a boat to fucking Mobutu and His crew Is there anything that could be done Once again international waters now the Answer to that is no once it's in International waters they're not going To call anyone to get your dumbass car Fucking off a boat back here so your Shit is gone once that happens but if it Doesn't and it ends up in a Chop Shop Are they going to send a special team Are they going to get a special team Together spend taxpay dollars to get one Car out All right so there's a lot of problems

With this and and this easy solutions Again stiffer penalties easy solution But they don't want to do that they want To give you an Apple Air tag which is Like 80 bucks or whatever it is and tell You hey guys put it in a card God bless All right wake up in the morning hope You sit still there kind of deal Stupid the easy solution is tough for Penalties the easiest Solutions more Cops on the street that's the easiest Solution not an Apple Air Attack and Another solution is guys get a better Tracking system Get a better GPS located in the car That's integrated in the car where they Won't find it and they won't take it Apart now yes some of them can be Dismantled but A car a car thief is not going to go Through all of that and if they notice If they know you have a tracker on it They're not going to fuck with your car They're not going to go through all of That to get your car when they could Just go to the next Hyundai or whatever It is and go okay this one doesn't have It and if you get one of those tracker Make sure you put the sticker on the car So at least when the criminal looks at It goes fuck we're not dealing with this Today let's go somewhere else another Deterrent hell you can use that sticker As the term maybe you don't want maybe

You can't afford the tracking system Then use the stickers to deter it Nonetheless guys there are easier Solutions than an Apple Air tag there's Better Solutions than that this actual GPS tracking or stolen car tracking Devices they're even devices you can put In a car that will kill the car so if They steal it they try to Tamper it they Try to start it they try to move it in Any way shuts the car off turns it into Essentially a brick which I don't know What that does for you once you get the Car back but anyway still Easier Solutions Harsher criminal hardship penalties for Criminals and light a match on the album Braggs and Hulk's ass now Alvin Braxton Hocus don't care about the American People oh or the New York New Yorkers They care two shits about them they care More about criminals than they do us so Keep that in mind before you start Writing a harsh letter to them and and You're dismay and all this other your Concerns they don't give a fuck so again Um you can definitely reach out to your Local politicians and see what they say For stricter gun laws but the ultimately It lies with hokel and Alvin Brax Anyway guys this is younger prepper Thank you for watching [Music]