The Prepping Crash Course and FREE Budget Planner

We all know how easily we can spend money on becoming better prepared. That’s why i created this budget planner to figure out what my prepping budget is for the month.

By watching where our money is going we can avoid Nickle and Diming ourselves throughout the month. $5 here and there can really add up over time.

This is an Excel spreadsheet, but it also works with the free Google Sheets or the free Office Online here:…

This budget worksheet download is available in the free Prepping Crash Course at the

Just use this link to sign up for the Crash Course, and watch a few prepping videos while your there.

Can We Put WiFi Systems And Direct Current Battery Charging On Disaster Rescue Robots?

There has been a big push for disaster rescue robotic system with lots of participants in a DARPA Challenge in 2013. Google X and other contestants put forth their best renditions of robotic systems to solve problems, open doors, climb ladders, stairs, tie knots, turn off gas lines and avoid obstacles. These robotic systems are loaded with high-tech software, artificial intelligence, and an array of sensors to accomplish these tasks, along with video feed for their human counterparts. Why not add a couple of more features to really make them useful? Let’s talk shall we?

Natural Disaster Survival Kit-Best Survival Kit

Do you need a natural disaster survival kit? In my opinion most people are very complacent about their personal security. Saying that, most think it can’t happen to me. But wait it has happen to people you know or someone else knows.

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