The Longer The Delay The More Unrest Will Escalate | Prep For Disaster

The Longer The Delay The More Unrest Will Escalate | Prep For Disaster
Stay vigilant, remain on high alert. The next 24 – 48 hours will be very difficult for those of us living in urban environments. Luckily, you are prepared!

The longer the delays in the election results last, the more the civil unrest happening around the country will intensify. We have been prepping for this for a long time now and we are ready! Make sure not to panic. Just keep your head on straight, turn your vigilance up to 11 and get organized. Make sure your plans are ready to go at a moments notice and check your bug out routes for any detours or blockages. Here we are folks. But we are here together! Keep everyone updated down in the comments if you notice anything happening in your area!

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Benchmade 943 Knife:
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Here are some books that will make great assets to your prepping inventory:
SAS Survival Handbook:
The Survival Medicine Handbook:
US Army Survival Manual:
The Worst Case Scenario:
Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide:
The Ultimate Survival Manual:

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