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Who Will Rule The World?

Who will rule the globe? The solution requires comprehending the tale of fiat currency as well as where we are today.

Abstractly Represented Money: Introducing Metamoney

This short article demonstrates how the concrete representation of money brings about both exclusive and public debt money making in the forms of specifically fractional-reserve financial and also central financial. It demonstrates how a concrete representation of money, despite always public, will certainly always end up being privatized by federal governments, of which the resulting independently public financial authority will increasingly expropriate the exchange value of that cash. After that, it shows just how the abstract depiction of cash protects against all this: the debt money making, the privatization of what stands for cash, and also the ever-increasing expropriation of its exchange worth by a privately public authority.

Should the Social Security Age Be Raised to 72?

Social Safety has actually been in trouble for at some point. Current quotes placed the deficiency of the fund at 2033. A modification requires to occur for this terrific piece of American legislature to continue to be active and also solid.

A Cashless Society and the Mark of the Beast

It was lately introduced that money will certainly no more be accepted on the London Bus system and the usage of plastic cards, which can be preloaded with credit history, will be stipulated. This complies with on from a similar announcement in Kenya where public transport will additionally go cashless and also switch to an electronic system of settlement. The step towards cashless transactions is extremely much a boosting trend as well as federal governments throughout the world are pressing the idea of a “cashless society” i.e. a globe where all settlements are made electronically. Undoubtedly, proper records will need to be maintained as well as these will certainly need to be easily offered to all those worried. Important as well as powerful, international companies consisting of the UN are involved yet developments along these lines might have large ramifications for specific flexibility as well as personal privacy.

Death Of A Bank

The Cameron office died last year. Four individuals lost their jobs. Thousands of voices were videotaped. They were all gotten rid of yet one, and you aren’t expected to hear it. I am intended to be also busy giving up to tell you. Oh, OK …

A Clog In The Financial Plumbing

A spike in failings of Treasury repos hints at growing issues in the monetary system’s pipes. Till the obstructions are gotten rid of, the flow of money will proceed to battle to reach equilibrium.

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