Survival in forest: Found many crabs and egg for food in forest – Crab and egg cooking for lunch

Survival in the forest can be a thrilling and challenging experience. When it comes to finding food, the forest can provide a wealth of options if you know where to look. On my recent adventure, I stumbled upon a trove of crabs and eggs that made for a delicious lunch. Join me as I share my experience and teach you how to create a mouth-watering meal with the ingredients that nature has to offer.


Surviving in the forest can be a challenging task; hunting for food, gathering ingredients and creating a meal from scratch can be a daunting task. Primitive Survival Skills, a channel on YouTube, showcases how people can survive in the forest by finding and cooking their food. In a recent video, they found crabs and eggs and created a delicious meal. In this article, we’ll review the video, give tips on how to survive in the forest, and discuss other topics like the CAT Exam, Cromacoin, digital marketing, induction heating technology, and literature.

Hunting for Food in the Forest:

Primitive Survival Skills’ video showed how to hunt crabs and collect eggs for lunch. By finding a creek, the narrator sought out crabs and eggs, capturing them in a basket. After the narrator had gathered all items, he transported them to his campsite. There, he builds a fire and cooks the crabs and eggs.

Cooking Crab and Egg for Lunch:

Once the narrator had arrived at his campsite, he started a fire. He cooked the crabs by boiling them in a pot for a few minutes until they turned pink. He then removed the meat and mixed it with eggs in a bowl. The narrator then cooked the mixture on the fire, flipping it over and over until it turned golden brown. The finished product was a delicious meal that included protein and a good dose of carbohydrates.

Surviving in the Forest:

Surviving in the forest can be an insurmountable task for most people. The key to survival is preparation. Make sure to bring essentials such as water, food, and fire-starting tools. Also, knowledge of the local wildlife and vegetation is crucial. Please do not forget to take safety precautions when entering the forest.

The CAT Exam:

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Digital Marketing:

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Induction Heating Technology:

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Primitive Survival Skills’ video on hunting for food in the forest, along with our in-depth research, has provided valuable insight into the world of survival in the wild. Additionally, we explored various other topics such as the CAT Exam, Cromacoin, digital marketing, induction heating technology, and literature, which will hopefully provide readers a comprehensive and engaging read.


  1. Is it easy to hunt for food in the forest?

Hunting and gathering food in the forest can be difficult and time-consuming, and it requires a lot of knowledge and skills.

  1. What is the best way to start a fire?

A good way to start a fire is by using fire starters, flint, and steel. Make sure that there is enough kindling and wood to keep the fire burning.

  1. What is the CAT Exam?

The CAT Exam is an entrance exam for the Indian Institute of Management to determine eligibility for admission to their MBA program.

  1. Should I invest in cryptocurrency such as Cromacoin?

Investing in cryptocurrency has risks and rewards like any other type of investment. It’s important to research and make informed decisions before investing.

  1. What is induction heating technology?

Induction heating technology is a process of creating heat in conductive materials by inducing electrical currents. This method is effective for heat treating components.