Supply Chain Failure – Why You Need My Patriot Food Supply Now!

Why You Need My Patriot Food Supply Now!

How to Prepare For Outdoor Survival Tactics For Hiking and Camping

Going Walking, Outdoor Camping? Spending Sometime outdoors? Are you prepared for if you obtain lost? Snakebite? Be Prepared!

How to Protect Your Family With Pre-Disaster Planning – Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency Situation Preparedness Planning: How to protect your family with pre-disaster planning. There are several steps that can be required to avoid harm to your family when a catastrophe strikes. The primary trick to making certain the safety and security of your family members is to plan in advance.

6 Tips From Home Disaster Survivors

Looking back at 2007, it sure feels like nature had it in for the suburban areas. The entire country was beset by climate relevant disasters. We had wildfires in Southern California, ice tornados in the Midwest, as well as flooding in the Northeast.

Food and Water For Survival – You Have Insurance But Are You Really Prepared?

Our nation is being inhabited by an enemy pressure with a program to damage our Constitution and also liquify our borders. Life as we recognize it is about to concern an abrupt end, done deliberately and A lot of America is asleep. Are you prepared?

The Worst Has Happened – Are You Prepared?

A disaster has actually taken place in your house, in your community, in your city or your state. What do you do currently?

Your 72 Hour Kit – Flash Drives and Document Storage

In case of an emergency situation there is some documentation that you would certainly intend to have readily offered and readily noticeable. Some type of photo ID may be an archetype. A map of the area could verify indispensable as would certainly be a checklist of family contact number as well as contact details. Images of your immediate relative can aid authorities and others in locating any of those members that might end up being divided from the rest of your team during the initial stages of the emergency.

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