SimPure Y7P RO Countertop Water Filter With LiFePO4 Battery Power

So recently I did a video about this Sim Pure reverse osmosis water filter and in That video I talked about how it could Be powered uh this runs on just 30 Watts So it can be powered with uh just a a Generator a battery a jackery something Like that so in this video I'm going to Go through Um I'm going to show that because I Didn't show it in the video I kind of Ignore the chickens if you can they're Being kind of loud but I did a video in The past about this life po4 battery and This is a very cheap life po4 20 amp Hours and this is a 300 watt pure sine Wave inverter not sure that you need Pure sine wave but this is the smallest One I've got and I've got the Sim pure Right here so I'm going to turn this on And filter some water through it and Show you that you can actually get this To work even with something as small as This and something inside your home and Filter you know enough water per day to Be able to use this now you've got to be Able to recharge your your battery but This will get you gallons of water so First we'll plug this in here I will Plug this in To the inverter and turn it on You can hear it running now and this Battery is about half full right now so I've been using this and uh and I Haven't charged it back up yet but so

It's about half full at this point but You can see it turned it on uh what we Will do Is run this water through here And get one full uh full clean tank full Foreign Flushing the system basically it's Taking the water from the inner tank and And putting it out here the clean water Now what it's doing is refilling that Inner tank it's the water is going Through the filters and creating that Clean water like I said I did a video on This that goes through all of that but You can see right here one full tank I Don't know if you can see this or not But one full tank is about two quarts of Water so it'll need two run-throughs to Filter about a gallon of water what I'm Going to do is this is my third time Doing this so I'm going to do it one More time and that will be about four Gallons of water and we will test and See how much of this battery it used So what we'll do is we'll just wait for This to filter the water in there I'm Not going to make you all sit through it And then we'll run this one more time And then we will test the battery All right so about seven minutes or so It takes this to refill that inner tank Uh this is Uh it's beep you got me telling me I Need to refill the back tank so what

We'll do is we'll filter this uh last Two quarts and then we'll check the Battery [Music] So we've got about a gallon here I'm Gonna shut this off and then we are Going to test the battery but like I Said I've done this twice before so this Is two gallons of water that I filtered And this started out at about 13.3 13.4 So what we'll do is put this charger up Hopefully you can see that and put this Where you can actually see what it's Going to read And then we will test this battery out So right there we've got about 13.2 and That's around 45 or so 13.1 is 40 of the Battery so it used 0.2 of the battery so you can get uh the Whole point with this is you can get Quite a bit of water filter and even Just two gallons a day and be able to Re-top this off with a small solar panel Two gallons a day should be plenty uh Depending on the size of your family uh For a day's use cooking uh you know Anything that you would need purified Water for so again just wanted to show You all how this actually works because I didn't show it in the video if you Have any questions any comments make Sure and leave them below I'll leave the Link to the video I did with this life Po4 battery as well as the link to the

Sim pure review that I did but with that Take care and prepare everyone we'll Talk to y'all later [Music] Foreign