Roaring Fire Gear Armadillo Mini Tool Roll Bag and Ember Pro Packs

Get the Armadillo mini tool roll bag bundle with Ember Pro organizer pouch here:

Also check out the Roaring Fire Gear 45L tactical backpack:

The Armadillo mini bundle with Ember pro pouch save 25% off
The 45L tactical backpack 10% off

Jason Salyer discusses new products from Roaring Fire Gear including their new Armadillo Tool Roll and Ember Pack. The Armadillo Tool Roll is perfect to keep all your basic tools nearby. The compression straps keep things neat and tidy. Once unrolled, there are various pockets and pouches to store your tools. Jason is using the Ember Pack for all his medical gear. Watch now to see what he packs and why he recommends Roaring Fire Gear.

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