My Low Power Variable Optic Mistakes

Hey everybody it's magic prepper and I Wanted to share some lpvo mistakes that I've made with all of you so that Hopefully you can avoid making them Yourself and probably save some money in The long run I've used a few different Types of lpbos and over the years you Can even go back on the channel and see I've used primary arms Trijicon Leupold And this is a Sig Sauer Tango MSR one to Ten and I've learned quite a bit about What I should expect from an lpvo and What it is I'm actually looking for when It comes to an optic and how some of These on paper sound great but in Practice don't actually meet the Requirements that you're trying to place Upon them so here's my mistakes and this Is what I want you to pay attention to Because I think it could help you when You're looking for a good optic on paper Everything sounds great about this Particular lpvo Sig Sauer Tango MSR 1 to 10 28 millimeter objective lens with a 34 millimeter tube and it weighs 20.4 Ounces without the mount so pretty Lightweight and it comes with the mount Which gives you all the torque specs you Need on it as well for mounting so in General it's a really nice complete Package with scope caps and all that Stuff as well for around 450 bucks on Sale which is why I picked it up because I thought man for the prices scope gives

You a lot of capability but uh you find Out quickly that it doesn't do what you Think it will so First off it's got cap turrets it's got Half MOA adjustments because this is not Like a Precision long range rifle scope So half MOA is the best you can get has An MSR bdc10 reticle in it which is not Calibrated for any specific Cartridge so you do have to use like a Straight like Pro app or something Similar to that in case you're dealing With Russian sanctions at this point but Either way you're going to have to Figure out how your cartridge works with The reticle and for you know it's 450 Price point it sounds like a good deal Especially getting all the way up to That 10x magnification range and yes it Is illuminated it uses one CR2032 the Illumination is not daylight bright and You will not use it for a replacement Red Dot it is just for shooting in like Dawn or dusk situations or low light Situations in general where you need a Little bit of extra contrast but in General I thought this was a good idea Because here I am with a 20 inch Aero Precision 556 build and I wanted a Little bit more magnification than usual Because I felt like I could probably Reach Out And Touch something if I Needed to right but here's the thing it Just doesn't work the way you think it

Will and this is why I want you to avoid This because like I said at 450 it Sounds like a great deal but you're just Wasting money basically sorry but it's Just true and this optic isn't Necessarily a bad optic it's just Disguised as something that it's not Okay now What's the main issue I have with this Optic and I will say there's one thing I Did correct on this optic and we'll talk About that here in just a second because There is one thing about it that I think Should probably apply to almost every Lpbo especially for something chambered In 556 because In my experience between two different Versions of these style of Optics I Found that this version actually works Better for that application but At one to ten with this optic at 10x You're thinking okay I can reach out and I also need it for positive Identification right because it's a 556 Cartridge it's only got a maximum Effective range of like five or six Hundred yards or at least that's what People say right so okay I'm looking for About 600 yards of capability 10x I mean 10x goes further than that in all Honesty so with 10x what I'm really Hoping for is good positive Identification and this glass is not Clear enough to actually get PID using

10x magnification and I mean that Regardless of range now at 100 yards Sure you can see the target better and Maybe identify if they have like a Handgun in their hand or something like That great well do you need 10x Magnification at 100 yards to do that no But the problem is is that at 400 500 600 yards this 10x on this level of Glass clarity Isn't clear enough to actually see Anything and that's just something I've Been struggling with over the past year Of using this optic okay within closer Ranges it feels like it's a good Magnification it feels like it's a good Clear optic but as soon as you start Reaching out further you realize that The clarity is not there you don't have Any sort of side focused Parallax Adjustment which can help remedy some of That although it's really meant to make Sure that your reticle is in focus and Properly On Target but either way Understand that There's no way to fix that the only way To fix it is to have better glass and Because the glasses of low quality Because this is a budget optic to get a One to ten 28 millimeter objective lens with a 34 Millimeter tube with a mount for 450 Dollars this is a cheap optic and the Glass reflects that highly now

At 6X I can see pretty decent okay f4x I Can see pretty good too and with a 556 Do I really need 10x probably not However there's a reason why having it All the way up to 10x in this Configuration doesn't really equate to That being effective all right this is a Second focal plane rifle scope And I think that's the best decision I Made when it came to lpvos First focal Plane sounds great and everybody thinks It's a hotness right because that first Focal plane no matter what magnification Range you're at your bullet drop Compensation reticle inside of your Scope will line up perfectly and Everything's good to go well second Focal plane in my opinion works better For 556 specifically for a lot of Different reasons and this scope Actually is second focal plane now the Problem with it being second focal plane Is that At Max magnification everything finally Lines up with your bullet drop Compensation and your reticle right well At Max magnification with this optic at 10x I don't have a clear sight picture I Don't have the ability to PID something Which means that I don't really see the Target very well either and that's a big Problem so the combination of things Here don't really work well together now I can say that on 6X it works on 4X it

Works better but I also have a loophole Freedom 1.5 to 4X lpvo that works better At Forex than this does because it's got Better glass and that's all there is to It I mean the clarity matters quite a Bit and although this can go down to 4X At that point I only can use the center Aiming point of the reticle which is Fine with 556 and the reason I think Second focal plane is the way to go on Lpvos and why it's the one thing I did Right on this optic is because 556 has a Pretty flat trajectory generally out to About 300 yards and your Center aiming Point on your reticle is always true to Your zero regard is a magnification Range even on a second focal plane scope Your bullet drop compensation won't be True however if you're using bullet drop Compensation a lot of times you're going To be at Max magnification anyway in Order to positively identify the turkey You're shooting at and to just try to Get better shots and first shot on Target capability so Understand that in my opinion this would Be a better scope at a one to six level And in fact brass facts has even Mentioned that on his channel that the One to six Tango MSR is maybe the only Cheap scope that's worth anything right And unfortunately at this point in time I probably agree with him because that One to six this works okay but now it's

No longer functioning in the way that It's supposed to it weighs more it's Larger and it's just a waste of money Because it also costs more than the one To six version so Understand that if you're going up to 10x anyway because you think you need That effective range and you think you Need that PID at those levels and you Think you need to be able to see that Far you might just be using the wrong Scope in general okay and a three to Nine like Grandpa used to use or even Something like the 2.5 to 10s you're Seeing a lot of lately are probably a Better option especially if you're Running an offset Red Dot because at That point you at least have one X Capability then you have your Magnification and generally some of Those higher magnification Scopes once You get up to 2.5 to 10 and Beyond Generally have side Focus Parallax Adjustment and things like that of that Nature which will allow you to Achieve better Clarity even though That's not the main purpose of those Adjustments but either way This optic just isn't worth it even Though it's so inexpensive now I do want To mention that the biggest supporter of The channel is Midway USA and Midway USA Allows me to get out here and test this Kind of stuff and give you my feedback

On some of the products that they carry And they do carry this optic and I don't Recommend it and I want to get it from Them and that's just what I'm telling You and I actually acquired this before I Ever Had A partnership with Midway USA But I'm just letting you know that what I would do for 450 dollars if that's Kind of your budget range is get a Second focal plane one to six scope and You're going to have a better experience It's going to do more for you and don't Be concerned about first focal plane Because that's going to be more Expensive and it's basically at least in My opinion kind of unnecessary if you're Running a 556. now maybe if we're Talking 308 or something like that it Might be more imperative but for a rifle Like this one I don't think it's going To make a big difference it's going to Save you money it's generally gonna Cost less and it's going to Give you better options when it comes to Manufacturers even because if you look At companies like Leupold or Trijicon You get a second focal plane Lpvo from them and it's a lot less Expensive than their first focal plane Offerings and you get a lot better glass Clarity than you get with something like This Sig Sauer Tango MSR one to ten and That's just what I want to let you know These are the mistakes that I've made so

Just as a review of all the different Things that I think you should avoid When it comes to this situation right Here right this lpvo Optic and mistakes that are similar to It regardless of company manufacturer Product model right it applies to any Other lpvo in I guess that price range But also in general okay yes if you want To get a first focal plane 1 to 10x lpvo I mean power to you but my suggestion Then is to look at the vortex Razer HG Gen 2 or get a EOTech Voodoo right I mean those are Going to be like the only two that are Worth anything because the glass Clarity At least is there to keep up but even Then I feel like you're spending a lot Of money and putting a lot of effort Into something that's not necessarily Required for what it is you're trying to Accomplish unless it's going on Something other than a 556 carbine right And then at the same time if you're Going to be in the lower budget level Like I find myself in on a regular basis Well then just stick to what works keep It simple a one to six is definitely Good to go it's probably the right Magnification range for an lpvo for a 556 carbine get second focal plane Because you really don't need first Focal plane and as long as you're within 300 yards that Center aiming Point still

Going to be relatively true and then Once you need that Max magnification Well now you can use your BDC and Don't feel like that extra magnification Is actually going to accomplish what it Is you think you can do with it AKA Getting positive ID because I can't use This 10x magnification to get positive ID I don't need this 10x magnification To shoot 556 accurately out to the Distances that it's effective at and all I did was spend more money to have a Capability that really didn't work out And not to mention because it's second Focal plane now when you combine the 10x Magnification with the fact that the BDC Only works at 10x now you have two parts Of the scope that no longer function Properly right because I can't use the BDC unless it's at 10x and at 10x I Can't really see what I'm trying to hit So therefore both of them are wasted Okay that's just what I wanted to share With you this is what I've learned over The years like I said these are primary Arms Trijicon loophole now I have the Six hour Um look do I have experience with some Of the higher end ones like the vortex Razor or the EOTech Voodoo I don't but This is what I've learned from using These lower end models and I have the Trijicon Credo one into eight which was A really nice optic but I've since

Traded that out as well because of a lot Of the same reasonings here you know Eight was great except for as a first Focal plane reticle which meant that the Reticle at 1X wasn't very good and at 8X It was a little too much so a lot of Issues happen with that as well Um man that one to six that's really What you're looking for at least in my Opinion especially if you're going to do That offset Red Dot I mean that's a good Way to look at it one to six I mean if You want to go budget you got the Tango MSR one to six is still decent you've Also got the primary arms options They've got that new Nova reticle which Looks really promising you also have the Vortex Strike Eagle right I mean there's Some decent lpbos out there if you're Willing to sacrifice some of these Features that everybody seems to be Chasing after that don't actually give You what it is you need and of course if You do need that extra magnification or You just decide you really want it Then you just probably going to want to Spend the extra money and get some Really high quality glass to go along With it because otherwise I think you're Going to be disappointed so I just Wanted to bring this to your attention Uh hopefully this helps Get whatever that was out of my face and Hopefully it helps you make better

Decisions when it comes to choosing Optics for your rifle setup and uh you Know these mistakes are things that I've Made so that hopefully you don't have to If you have any questions for me leave It in the comments below also if you Have suggestions about different lpvos Or other mistakes that you've made that You think that would be relevant to the Conversation leave those below too Because this is all about us trying to Learn together I'm not an Optics expert By any means I am a guy who goes out and Shoots quite a bit and I've just found That after using a few different Versions of these types of Optics that There's only one that really makes a lot Of sense to me at this point in time Especially in that price range so Anything else you got for me go to and besides that that's Going to be it for magic prepper I knew you're all going to ask what was On my hip it's just one of these no big Deal That was just 45 Long Cold let's be Honest