Movie Predicts EXACTLY What Government Will Do…

Gold Standard – In a Sound Bite

I have composed numerous posts discussing and clarifying on the Unadulterated Gold Standard, on just how the globe economy is doomed to collapse unless the best extinguisher of financial debt … Gold … is re-introduced into the system. I have actually discussed the technical aspects, the moral aspects, the historical facets … yet individuals still stand up to, still do not would like to know. They hope that hope alone will certainly maintain them out of problem … and also at ideal, most want a fast and simple description of why we must trouble with Gold; basically, they request for a blurb.

The Unadulterated Gold Coin Standard

I have been battering the table in favor of the Unadulterated Gold Requirement for lo these several years … is it time for a tighter focus, is it time to start pounding the table for the Unadulterated Gold “Coin” standard? The Unadulterated Gold Criterion is various from the Timeless Gold Requirement as practiced in the nineteenth century because it leaves out ‘Fiduciary media’… that is, bank notes in blood circulation backed by loose guarantees vs. financial institution notes backed by physical Gold in the vault, and also by Gold Costs of Exchange that mature into Gold in much less than 91 days in the portfolio.

Golden Utopia

I have created numerous posts about Gold, regarding the Unadulterated Gold Standard, about the parts of a Gold based economic situation. Possibly it’s time for a little bit of a ‘truth check.’ Is the extremely idea of Gold cash, the extremely idea of straightforward money in a truthful culture Utopian?

Has China’s Robust Economic Growth Come to an End? No, But There Is No New Beginning Either

Some people claim they can not believe China’s development is decreasing, others can not comprehend how it kept addressing 10% year-over-year for almost 3 decades as well as despite the International Economic stagnation uploaded 7-8% growth. Well, consider this; maybe those numbers were blown up, after all the Chinese state-controlled media places a favorable spin on whatever and our news simply repeats what they report. Occasionally you need to peak over the Great Wall to see the fact. I am just stating.

What It Takes To Have Financial Security

Having financial safety nowadays is quite hard to obtain specifically that there are many problems coming our means. Apart from that, prices of fundamental commodities rise up extremely fast. Yet, I ask yourself just how could I have the financial security that I longed a lot in life? Allow’s see just how I can cope with this issue.

Another Holiday Season

Tis the holiday once more. Another year has actually passed and like every person else we are all a year older. Sad to claim much of us are very little wiser for it either.

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