Inauguration Day – Bear Report 20 JAN 21

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes – Are They All The Same? 3 Things to Consider

Since Illinois enables its homeowners to acquire a Permit to Carry, applicants have to pick how they will accomplish their training requirement. The dirty little secret concerning Illinois Concealed Carry is that there are virtually as many various training classes as there are various teachers. The reason for the lack of uniformity in training classes is that the lawful department at the Illinois State Authorities picked not to authorize a certain curriculum.

Ebola and Pandemics: A Prepper’s Guide

While many Preppers tend to be more concerned about a fierce societal collapse, it is just as essential to be planned for any kind of catastrophe that threatens our family members. So considering the Ebola virus or an additional pandemic is not commonly on top of the awareness of someone who is regularly looking for economic collapse. However, both are not at all equally exclusive.

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