How Much Ammo Do You Really Need?

Bear Independent discusses how much ammo you should have on hand at all times. The short answer: as much as possible. However, with today’s supply and demand chain, there are some basic metrics we can apply. For every rifle or carbine, you should have a minimum of 10 magazines (300 rounds per loadout) and, ideally, 30-plus magazines (1,000 rounds per loadout and rifle or carbine). For your defensive handgun, you want a minimum of 60 rounds (three boxes of 20) as your EDC and ideally 200 rounds (per handgun). For target shooting and training practice (which you should absolutely be doing on a weekly basis), you need a minimum of 60 rounds of rifle/carbine ammo and 50 rounds of handgun ammo per week or approximately 2,600-3,000 rounds of FMJ handgun ammo and 3,000-3,500 rounds of rifle ammo per year (if you’re training weekly–which you should be doing). Watch now to learn more!

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