Ground Power Generator PDF

Ground Power Generator PDF The Earth Battery

So if you go into YouTube and you enter earth battery, there are all kinds of videos on how to construct a contraption that will actually pull energy out of the earth, convert it to electricity and it can power your home and there’s one guy this one uh Guy is Robert Murray Smith and he’s got a a YouTube channel devoted to that and look at this video 292,000 views. Here’s another one:
31,000 views and he’s a professor at at a university in the united kingdom, but just all kinds of videos that get tons of views on earth batteries and another term for an earth battery is a ground power generator. And if you, if you enter that, you can see, there’s videos about a book called ground power generator that tells you how to build your own ground power generator or earth battery and if you’re, looking for that pdf, you can click on the link below. In the description and the the fellow that put this together will give you pictures drawings, video recordings, all the steps you need to build an earth battery or ground power generator to tap energy for from the earth and power your home, and it’s only forty seven dollars. Now, how much of your your home it’ll power you’ll, find out uh, but again for $47.

You get the pdf with all the the pictures, drawings, video recordings and and and all that kind of stuff, and also – and you have to scroll down to the bottom here – to get this, but then there’s there’s all kinds of reviews and he he tells you the Story about how he got to this ground power generator a pdf. All you need to do is uh click on the description, uh or excuse me.  

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