First Things The Government Will Do After A Nuclear Attack

The threat of a nuclear attack here on United States soil has existed ever Since the dawn of nuclear weapons and of Course the government has contingencies And plans in place for if that event Were to ever occur however about a year Ago some documents were Declassified to Give us more information as to how the Government would react in the aftermath Of a nuclear event here on American soil So if you’re prepping for the Possibility of a nuclear event to happen Here in the United States of America Then hit the Subscribe button below Because we all need to be ready for Anything at this point in time based on The global climate right now back in 1962 under JFK a document was put out at The time it was classified and it was Titled on a re-examination of federal Policy with respect to emergency plans And continuity of government in the Event of a nuclear attack in the United States and it shows what the government Response would be after an attack here On U.S soil so there’s a key section on This article that I want you to pay Attention to and I’ll put a link to this Article Down Below in case it’s Something that you want to read through Because a lot of these plans are likely Still in place and still going to be Referenced if a nuclear attack ever Happens here in the United States and of

Course things would have to be updated Based on technology and current Environment however a lot of these Procedures will remain the same okay now There’s a section called the emergency Period And it explains the following Steps right so the first one is Pre-attack all right and here’s what it Says Develop plans procedures and Understandings among all federal Elements suppliers and Distributors of Consumer supplies to permit effective Post-attack consumer rationing Now Understand that consumer rationing is Definitely going to happen if we find Ourselves dealing with a nuclear event Here in the United States rationing is Like the number one goal of the federal Government they want to make sure that They have full control of all the Supplies within the civilian population In case they need to allocate them Somewhere else so understand that Rationing is 100 on the table and you Will likely find yourself rationed out Of whatever supplies that it is that you Might need at the time okay now The second part of this emergency period Table that I really want you to pay Attention to is nuclear exchange and con Continuation of hostilities okay so During nuclear exchange or continuation Of hostilities this is what the

Government is going to be doing all Right immediately decentralized Administration of program okay Authorized state and local Direct Control actions so this is their way of Saying we’re going to decentralize the Power of the federal government and make Sure that all of this control measure Implementation happens at a local and State level so just because you live in A rural town in the middle of the Midwest doesn’t mean you’re not going to Be affected by these orders right they Already have plans in place to get your Local government and Authority in on Whatever it is that they feel they need To do at the time all right Now they’re also going to issue freeze And release orders anti-harding and Requisition orders conservation and Limitation orders determine amounts of Kinds of things to be rationed and who Is to receive allocations right so in That second part is all about rationing In many ways but it also affects many Other factors of our lives so you have The freeze and release orders and that’s Probably related to depositors and Financial institutions right they’re Going to freeze everyone’s ability to Withdraw money they’re going to freeze Banking in general a lot of the Financial aspect of what would happen in The aftermath of a nuclear attack will

Be assets being frozen and trade no Longer being allowed because they need To keep their Securities in place in Order to maintain the stability of the Economy during that situation because Otherwise people would panic and Everything would Crash and Burn Immediately right which just so you’re Aware if that means all of your assets All of your resources are tied up in Investments or in financial portfolios Or in the banking Institution you’re Likely not going to have access to any Of those assets okay now the other thing Is the anti-harding and requisition Order so anti-harding orders are going To go out which means you are going to Be limited on just about every single Thing you can think of it doesn’t matter If it’s food it doesn’t matter if it’s Motor oil it doesn’t matter if it’s Medical supplies it’s going to be Everything it’s going to have Anti-harding orders in place which will Be obviously allowed to be enforced with The full force of the law and probably Even more so because we’re talking about Some kind of quasi-martial loss scenario Right and then the requisite requisition Orders is related to the military and The federal government taking priority Over acquiring whatever is being Produced by certain manufacturers or Companies so you’re always going to get

The last end of the supply in this Situation okay and then you also have The conservation and limitation orders So obviously same exact situation as Applied to that everything needs to be Conserved everything needs to be limited And they have to make sure that they Have enough to go around for whatever Their purposes will be for those Supply Applies and then the last part was Determine amounts and kinds of things to Be rationed and who is to receive Allocation so not only are they going to Determine how much needs to be rationed Or what types of things need to be Rational but they’re going to decide who Is allocated the rationed supplies Thereafter so don’t expect the Government to put you as a top priority For who’s going to get some of these Supplies and rationals right and like I Said they already have implementations In place so that they can do this at the State and local level it’s not just About the federal government right They’re trying to make sure they can do This by decentralizing and pushing that Authority to local and state levels all Right now The third part of this emergency period Is post hostilities right and here’s What it says about post hostilities Phase International direct controls Develop a national system refine the

System and extend control back through The distribution chain to the producers Institute legal enforcement procedures Okay so basically that’s them trying to Rebuild the federal Authority and put Everything back together from where it Was broken down during that nuclear Exchange and continuation of hostilities And then go back to the way things were Before but we all know that that’s Always the hardest part to accomplish During these crisis type scenarios Emergency powers are very rarely ever Relinquished so the federal government Is going to assume a ton of power during That type of Crisis and will they allow Every bit of it to go back to local State and even just individual levels of Power of course not so keep that in mind Because their whole goal at the end is Just to you know pull everything back in And redevelop it right and redeveloping It could lead to something that’s worse Than what we already had before okay now The other things I want you to keep in Mind when it comes to some of this stuff Is that apply the same logic to where we Are now near 2023. so we’re talking About things like rationing or we’re Talking about Um you know allocating supplies and Everything else to those who need it First prioritizing it right well that’s Going to apply to more than just

Physical Goods or physical assets you Have to really think more along the Lines of Technology at this point in Time will bandwidth be throttled right Will they make sure that you and I get The last leg of the internet when they Need it first in order to properly Communicate as quickly as possible among Many many different channels that might Be a possibility so our access to Information let alone our ability to Surf the web right is probably going to Be limited in the same way as all the Other supplies they were talking about Back in 1962. there’s a lot of things in Place already where the internet can be Basically shut down obviously you can’t Shut down the internet in the sense of Just flipping a switch and turning it Off but you can put Protocols into place that would limit People’s ability to access it in certain Locales and areas so understand that I Think that’s going to be a big part of This as well and of course we know that All the information at that point in Time will be put out by state-run media In many ways and everything we’re going To be told is going to be through the Lens of the government Authority so That’ll be a difficult time in Information and communication is going To be something that you really need to Consider now in the sense of

Not being allowed to have access to it In the same way you can right in the Second okay so I wanted to go over this With you because I thought this was Interesting it’s just a Declassified Document that came out about a year ago But it’s very relevant to what we’re Experiencing right now in the world in The sense of the heightened probability Of the use of a nuclear weapon and it Also gives you an idea of what you Should prepare for in the sense of okay Well I didn’t get hit by a nuke but There was a nuclear event so now the Government is going to start doing these Things which means it’s going to affect Me even if I’m 2 000 miles away from Where Ground Zero is right so these are The things that you really have to Consider and keep in mind when you’re Prepping not just how do I survive the Immediate aftermath of a nuclear blast But how do I survive the government Stepping in and rationing and putting All these limitations in place around The country regardless of how close I am To the blast zone right so these are Conversations I thought were worth Having over here you see some cbrn gear On the table and I just thought I’d do a Good representation of that I mean you Can get potassium iodide still very Easily this was right off of Amazon and It’s not expensive if and these are

Things that you should be getting or Have plenty of already because if these Things happen this stuff will guarantee Be rationed and allocated to those who Need it the most AKA people on the front Lines but there’s no guarantee you might Not need it as well so keep those things In mind I’ll put links down below to Some of this stuff in case you’re Curious about what it can provide you With in a sense of protection and I’ll Have links to this exact article or this Document down below too so you can Review it for yourself because there’s a Lot more information in there not just Related to this emergency period Section that I wanted to share but I Honestly thought that was probably the Most important part of that document now Do you need to mention that the Channel’s biggest supporter is Midway USA and without Midway USA’s help I Wouldn’t be able to put out as much Information as I am able to now and They’re also helping me in the sense of Just being better prepared by providing Me the ability to access gear and all Types of equipment that could help me Get through that type of a scenario but Companies like that are going to be Directly affected by a situation like This one where a nuclear event happens In the United States and then suddenly All this allocation requisition all the

Limitations all the anti-horning and all That stuff is going to come into play Not just for individuals but also for Businesses which means regardless of What business you operate maybe you’re a Mechanic and you’re in a mechanic shop Well all the supplies and materials you Have on hand will suddenly be Targeted by the government in order to Be reallocated somewhere else right if They feel that it’s more important to The survival of National Security rather Than the survival of your business right So these are things that you also have To consider it’s not just individuals It’s also businesses and we also know Because of these freeze orders that will Be put into place right likely business Won’t be able to be conducted anyway so If that happens you’re not likely going To be able to go out and just start Buying stuff at that point in time Because they’re going to put systems Into place they’re going to freeze Transactions and then once the systems Are in place that can allow for ration Transactions to occur you’ll likely see Yourself move forward at that time but Even then now you don’t have access to The amount of supplies you were trying To acquire to begin with so these are All considerations that need to be made And with the heightened probability of Nuclear weapon use here in the future I

Felt like it was just worth reviewing Have any questions for me at all go Ahead and leave a comment below and add Any other things you think would you Would assume would happen during that Type of an event because these types of You know discussion are good for us to Have they kind of help keep us on the Same page and then allow us to think Outside of the box a little bit if you Have anything else for me you can always Go to there’s a lot of Information over there if you’re Interested in trying to support the Channel or if you just want to send me a Message or whatever it is and besides That that’s going to be it for magic Prepper

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