Electromagnetic Pulse weapons to attack America

The Prepper Versus Survivalist Quiz

Between the shows “The Walking Dead” and “End ofthe world Preppers” there has actually been a lot attention given to preppers and survivalists that some information is required. What is a prepper? What is a survivalist?

How Preppers Stockpile Food to Prepare for Economic Collapse

When I am asked just how preppers accumulate food for an economic collapse or other emergency situation, I am commonly amazed by the response that individuals have. They normally think that I have a bunch of pallets of Army MRE’s or freeze-dried survival meals in the garage. Do not get me incorrect, if I had a rich man’s savings account I might have an environment managed shelter stocked with freeze-dried survival dishes.

When Zombies Attack Your Car: What Does A Doomsday Prepper Do?

What happens if zombies attacked your automobile, like in a scene out of “The Strolling Dead”? Or extra reasonably, what if there was an emergency like an enormous power failing as well as there were riots in the streets or civil agitation and you were captured in it while driving? Scenes from the Rodney King troubles in Los Angeles and also from around the world with raising terrible protests concerning the recessions should offer us all pause.

Power Grid Failure: Could We Really Face a Nationwide Blackout?

Apart from the occasional blackout, many Americans can not understand the possibility of a complete failing of the nation’s power grid. Nevertheless, the opportunity of such a massive catastrophe is really more genuine than the majority of us are comfy with thinking of. There are three major threats to the country’s power grid, but prior to we consider them, we need to realize that the country in fact has 3 power grids.

Urban Survival And Preparing Mentally To Stay Safe In Your Car During SHTF

Think of just how much time you spend either in your cars and truck or far from home with your auto (like at the office, buying, checking out close friends, etc) and afterwards ask yourself the length of time could you get by with only the important things you save in the trunk? The reality is that Americans invest less as well as less time in their houses, which is where they maintain every one of their products that they would certainly require in situation of a catastrophe.

Our Nation’s Vulnerability To Terrorist Attacks

Is our electrical power grid at risk to terrorist assaults that can trigger widespread power outages across the entire country for weeks or perhaps months. The National Research Council (NRC) released a report that claim’s yes, we are! Now how do we prepare for such a calamity of this magnitude?

My Quest For Urban Survival

The story that started me on my course to being prepared. Why I’m currently prepared for anything.

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