Digital Currency, The Fed Now & CBDC

So we all know it's coming this digital Currency but what is it going to look Like as all of this stuff unfolds uh how Is it going to affect our daily lives Now and in this video I want to go over That as well as a short story from Daisy Luther uh that I've recently read about An app called good citizens basically It's a a story about where this could All lead uh you know as far as the Digital currency the banking collapses And then everything else down the line Uh how how all of this stuff possibly Could go and as Preppers and us us you Know conspiracy theorists or whatever Now we you know it's it's basically on Point as far as where I see things Headed with a couple minor differences And all that but a lot of people when You talk about this digital currency and And how dangerous this possibly could be And if and the way it's going to affect Our ability to do things a lot of people Are just like hey you know it's not a Big deal it's going to make things Perfect it's going to make you know it's Going to be a whole lot easier to get Things done and my money is going to be A whole lot safer because it's all you Know controlled more than you know just The the cash the dollar bills that we Carry in our pockets or the dollar bills That we take to the bank it's all going To be more controlled and more

Convenient and that's how they they sell This stuff you think back to I think it Was around 2009 when they first enacted The federal income tax and how everybody Back then if you would have told them at That point hey this is there's no way This gets to 20 or 30 percent maybe even In the future 40 or 50 percent there's No way that that happens we're just what You know we're just doing this small Thing to help the you know whatever the Reasons we're back then the war effort Or you know to get these things done but But there's no way this is going to get To the point where uh they're basically Taking half of people's incomes yet here We are at 20 or 30 these days here we Are where they basically have figured Out how to tax everything uh and include You know what you buy what you sell I Mean just everything uh in the world These days they can tax uh and you know The federal the federal government has Grown into this giant monster uh because Of that so when people say that oh You're just being crazy you're just Being some sort of conspiracy if there's You're out of your mind it's never going To go like that uh I disagree uh because When has the government really ever done Anything that hasn't gone off the rails Before uh and the answer to me is never So it is a situation where I am Concerned about how they're you know how

This is going to just probably be easily Easily implemented because people love To sacrifice their freedoms uh for Convenience right you look at cell Phones people carry cell phones all over The place uh everybody carries a cell Phone these days even though they know They're just one it's just a tracking Device and it tells everything about you People know that the NSA tracks every it Collects every little data point they Can on us and it what used to be a big Deal now it's like ah doesn't matter People have excuses right I I don't do Anything wrong I don't do this I don't Do that it's not a big concern to me uh Let them let them track me well what Happens when it does become a concern or They do create something that you need To be concerned about that's what I Think this digital currency uh basically Enables them to do in the future because It's going to allow them to do basically Whatever they want now how does this Come out in this book by Daisy Luther Let me pull this up here in this book uh This short story by Daisy Luther she Talks about how this could possibly go And I think it is pretty interesting a Little bit scary too as far as how Everything unfolds uh and the timeline And all that says here when the American Banking system collapsed a new federal Digital currency was quickly rolled out

To save the country but soon it became All too clear that what had felt like a Rescue plan was actually a hostage Situation it's exactly what the Government does right create a problem And then they become the Savior uh and And we'll see about them creating the Problem or not but one that affected Every American in a world of strict Digital control algorithms new rules and The mandatory app called good citizens Uh it was possible to reclaim your Personal freedom how did our nation fall This far so fast into a technocratic Authoritarianism now in this book I'm Going to try not to give the whole thing Away because I I tend to do stuff like That but in this book what had happened Was that the banking system failed and People that had their money in the bank Were basically hosed couldn't get their Money so that you know people started You know freaking out and all those Things and if you can't get your money All of a sudden the federal government Comes to the rescue right nobody's got To worry about a damn thing nobody's got We've got you all covered everything's Going to be fine stop rioting stop Breaking stuff stop doing all these Things right everything's going to be Fine and in comes the digital currency Where they just load up everyone's bank Accounts and because they they exploited

That pain Point uh everybody was okay With it or even if you weren't okay with It you really didn't have much of a Choice because if you want your money Back you're going to have to join this In into this digital currency system and In order to do that you've got to get on This good citizens app because that's The only way to really make these Transactions and do all that stuff so Sounds a little bit dystopian not so Much to me I don't think but uh that's Kind of how they do things they exploit That pain point or they create a pain Point to exploit so who knows if if it Is something like with these couple of Banks that just collapsed recently who Knows if that happens more often in the Future and who knows if that's sort of An organic thing or if it's a a Something that was created by the Federal Reserve and by the government And by these people that want to bring In this digital currency thing now I Think it's interesting I've got this Article as or not this article it's a Website the fednow website which is Something that is actually happening Here shortly uh July of 2023 instant Payments with the FED now how fantastic This is going to be so convenient for Every single person in the in the United States of America because you're going To be able to you're not going to have

To wait for anything anymore you get Your little you know good citizens app Or whatever they're going to use and you Can basically make payments to the Government the government can pay you That's their little thing right we're Going to make it super convenient for You the American citizen so you're going To want to use this thing in this right Here they talk about find instant Payments education on fednow Explorer Which is a different website so we'll Open this up when you open this up it Brings you up this cool little Infographic which to me looks like a 15-minute city right this is the future Now granted this is just you know Navigation for their website but I think It's pretty interesting that that's what They use now in this on this website They go through all the different things In what the FED now is and I haven't Gone through all of these yet but I'm Going to and I'll make sure and leave The link to this as well as Daisy's book Good citizens in the description below But it goes through all these different Things and how it's going to make your Life better now when you read this first One right here I think this is pretty Interesting because it says instant and Other types of faster payments can be Used for a variety of everyday Transaction scenarios although some of

These scenarios are not yet supported in The United States because they're still Working on and still figuring out what The you know the problems with how these Other countries do it and they're going To fix those problems before they bring It here as an adoption of faster Payments continues to grow and extend to An Ever wider array of scenarios around The world basically all encompassing It's important to familiarize yourself With all of them it's important for you To get used to the new normal basically It's important for you uh to buy into Our narrative and listen to everything We say about how wonderful this is uh They're likely to become a part of the Payment landscape of the future so Basically what they're saying is it's Likely to become the only way you're Going to be able to make payments in the Future uh and in here they talk about All the different things that that this Is going to the FED now is going to be Able to do and I think the FED now is Basically either the backbone of a Digital currency or the first part of The implementation of a digital currency But this is you know basically the you Know sending out the doing a test Basically but this is basically the Beginning of the rollout so in this You're going to be able to do Person-to-person transaction uh you're

Going to be able to do Customer-to-business transactions Customers to government transactions so If you you owe us any money we're going To make sure we can get our money as Quick as possible although this is not One of the points they're going to try To sell people on but it is part of the System the part they're going to try to Sell people on is government to customer Payments we're going to get your refund To you ASAP so 10 seconds after you file Your refund we're going to have that Deposited in your bank and you can go Out and and buy your your your cornmeal Cricket hamburgers or whatever it is uh That you're gonna buy uh business to Customer transactions business to Business transactions business to Government transactions again they got To get their money account to account Transactions so basically every single Transaction is going to be handled by The FED now uh in the future and in Order to make this a whole lot easier That's probably uh it's going to need to Be tied to a digital currency as well So at any rate I think all of this is is All just very concerning to me like I Said in the beginning you know people Never thought uh people would would call Other people crazy for thinking that We'd ever get to 30 percent uh 30 Federal income tax rate yet here we are

People would have thought other people Were crazy when they talked about the Government basically figuring out a way To tax every single thing they possibly Can uh and you know this government Growing to the point that it is now They'd have thought if you said anything Like that that you were out of your damn Mind yet here we are I think the same Thing is true for the digital currency Uh this yes there might be some things That actually absolutely make uh life a Little bit more convenient just like Credit cards and debit cards did is you Don't have to carry as much cash in your Wallet but when you couple that with the Fact that they will have uh access to Every single bit of your information Every single bit of your financial Information which means things that can Track down every every single bit of the Information about your life and how they Can restrict uh different parts of your Life how far you drive how often you Drive how much gas you use how much meat You eat all these different things how Much food we stockpile how much ammo We're buying they will be able to see All of that stuff and what may start out As a sort of they'll give you incentives To do these things that are good for the Planet the green things right the the World economic Forum talking points the Inclusion the equality the

Sustainability all these different Things maybe it starts out as you know Giving you incentives to drive less Maybe we'll put one percent or whatever In your digital currency wallet or bank Account or maybe we'll do this or do That or you know they'll start out with Giving you incentives to do these things But once they find out that incentives Aren't enough because like these days You know the world economic form of These these governments all over the World can talk about how we need to eat Less meat and how we're trying to get We're growing meat in in labs and we're Making food out of of insects and things Like that you know buy an electric Vehicle because it's much better for the Planet don't drive that gas cousin right Now they're suggestions right but it's Not working like they want it to work so With a digital dollar maybe they can Kind of give you some incentives and if Those incentives don't work what happens When it becomes mandatory it becomes law It becomes something that you have to do Where you're restricted you're rationed As far as how much food you can buy in a Month your ration is as far as how much Fuel or how far you can travel uh in a Given time period a month or whatever They deem it is so all of those things When they become restrictions that's When we become and Daisy kind of goes

Through this in the book that's when it Becomes this sort of dystopian type uh You know federal government that Basically has control over every single One of us that's when it becomes that And that's you know my concern and again A lot of people will say oh that's just Outrageous you're you're just thinking Way too much into this well look at the Federal income tax and then you know Tell me what you think but with that I Want to get everyone thoughts on this as Far as where you see all this going a Couple this with the the advancements in Ai and all that we could be looking at Some you know a crazy decade coming up Crazy couple a couple decades I mean who Knows how all this stuff goes at least With AI that could be sort of regulated Uh possibly to the point where it Doesn't kill Humanity like a lot of People are saying but with a digital Currency I'm not so sure that can be Regulated we're gonna have politicians That are going to talk about it and you Know speak a big game about regulations On digital currency but they all work Together and they all want to basically Make their job easier and do things that Are you know basically going to help the American citizen as much as they can so At any rate love to get your guys's Thoughts on all this and where you think This is all leading do you have any

Articles any comments any ideas just Leave them in the chat below but I don't Personally see I I see it coming it's Definitely coming I don't think it's an If I think it's a win but I don't see it Going anywhere good as far as American Freedoms this country that we've loved So much for our entire lifetimes it's Going to look a whole lot different uh In the next decade or so I think so at Any rate uh that's it for me today Everyone I appreciate you all joining in Uh take care and prepare and we will Talk to you all later [Music] Thank you

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