I get a break Are we getting ready to go on an Adventure But Tons and steering wheels yeah We’re gonna go foraging we’re gonna go Forge for some stuff Loves Jake’s glasses All right I got it All right  What does this say we’re depth right now Upper left hand corner this is some good Looking stuff It’s like glistening like gold you know Yeah Not very much just maybe just that Stream Like that It’s perfect You want another handful of light for That or what That’s a lot there you go

How’s it look pretty good It looks perfect So let’s take this and uh dried out by The fire okay and then Power It Up Powder it up Let’s make some uh Sushi seaweed sheets That’d be great all right babe what do You got now These uh totes Like salt water ocean water and then uh Bring it in and just while the wood Stuff’s gone Um we’ve noticed that the our wood is so Seasoned now and dry that the inside of The yurt is too dry everyone’s skin is Cracking and stuff trying to keep a pot Of water on the wood stove as like a Humidifier you might as well have it be Salt water We’ll drop this off Sea salt [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign How long have those done Ones been there For maybe like A couple of hours But not all of them were done

The crunchiness here so I’m just gonna Take him and then just like Crunch them up Maybe it needs a little bit longer But they can go on a train now yeah I’ll Probably put them on the a dehydrating Tray for over there to really crisp them Up on the rack yeah But Looking good Cool and then we have our salt water Right here evaporating evaporating Evaporating here to make salt So yeah and it’s also putting moisture In the air so it’s not as dry in here Which is perfect Off-grid humidifier yeah [Music] Oh Foreign [Music] Looks like a lot like this will last us A while there’s two jugs Salty I just feel right now the ocean Clarity Is so nice And so pure that you know we’re getting All those ocean minerals in this as well As just the salt itself So I’m going to bring it back inside now And I’m gonna dry it more next time Good Ness What do you think

What’s he doing You see daddy out there You waving He’s waving to you my face is frozen oh No Hey how’s it going here good just Hanging out in the sun feels good today Yeah Got a couple for us and then uh I’m gonna go get out there for a couple More We each have two or three cool I didn’t see any uh lingcod to do this Or no real fish either it’s okay where Are they hiding over the winter time I don’t know Wow So Jake and I are gonna make gnocchi With our potatoes that we harvested last Year Um so just kind of put these in a pot of Boiling water And then we’ll Mash them and make them into gnocchi Okay so these are the spiny scallops And there’s a there’s so much life on Them like they are planets for Other life and there’s so many life Forms I mean beyond that can Even comprehend so I try to get to him Right away Um don’t let him die I’m gonna get the Scallop out and then get the shells back In the ocean

Before dark that way all this life can Return you know Toward the back they have a little hole Right there and I just put the knife in And do a little incision Foreign Thanks Where did this salt come from Our ocean It smells divine Smell Smells good Okay Mama sure Would you like more Would you like more Do you want to eat do you want to eat Ah Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay the good boys get a scallop Kai stay Ing good job guys Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] What’s starfish Ing you Starfish Okay

[Music] Yeah yeah okay Okay It’s too slippery for you Can get someone right there And then say bye-bye Okay Sure Thank you [Music] All right [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign All right Dude but it’s like like jelly Okay Whoa Yeah Yeah there you go Oh Thank you Yay quinoa Oh yeah Foreign [Laughter] [Music] [Music] Whoa Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Laughter] [Music] [Music] With Dr Kevin and we’re gonna Be dive Partners here and go check out Around the shore And try to get to I don’t know maybe the Max 80 feet and see what we can see down There if we get some scallops some Rockfish some Ling Cod maybe halibut you Think A halibut that would be amazing We’ll see okay let’s see what we see Down there super snowy everywhere else But right here There’s no snow [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign I found all the nice Rockfish are Big and hiding under the Rock Hopefully there so we’re gonna go down Try to catch just a couple So that Nicole Fox and I can eat for Dinner that’s uh Switch we’re gonna switch from the gun To the three prong All right let’s go find them [Music] Thank you

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you How’s it look looks good The garlic over there is so beautiful It looks so cute popping up above the Snow Looks like you’re growing a little fox Over there Shema Honduras Hey holy Need a show language Thank you Hey there you guys gonna help me garden Yes we’re gonna help pot up some Up pots and pots Nia trafama He’s assigned I’m hungry always he just Had a snack he’s always hungry

Hey [Laughter] Jacob gay mama Gay mama Thank you Yeah yeah yeah [Applause] All right Whoa [Music] Thank you I hope it works because it Looks real good Ah Hey good morning so this is the carport That if you guys have followed uh Nicole’s in my journey we initially set Up to live in and cook in and have our Have it be our refuge from the rain and We first got to comoribi we were living In the van and then we set this carport I don’t really like it to be my shop Because I feel like it’s um too exposed I don’t like its location the tools are Too far away from projects I have so What I’m going to do is I’m gonna Have it be Um laundry room for washer dryer I’m Gonna have it be uh the power station For our batteries and inverters for our Eight panel solar Network that’s out Here you got something installed before We went to uh our tropical Bug out Location so I’ve got the Orient power uh

Batteries here I’ve got the Orient power Inverter and I’m going to hang them on The wall today and get them up and um in Their permanent location up on this uh Live Edge that I uh chainsaw milled and Once everything’s up on the wall then I’m gonna connect it all and then plug The solar panels into the inverter have The inverter funnel energy to the Batteries and see if it works I’ve got a Washer and a dryer that I think have a Low enough amperage voltage wattage That’ll work with these batteries And the inverter here so I think we’re Good to go I have another Network to Install on the new shipping container House from Renegy and I’m going to Install that in some pretty major Battery pretty major system that’s Coming up

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