Building a Shipping Container Home Off-grid: A Timelapse Vlog of Inexperienced Builders (VLOG 172)


Building a Shipping Container Home Off-grid: Review of Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle’s Video

Building a shipping container home off the grid may sound like a daunting task, but Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle’s recent timelapse vlog (VLOG 172) shows that it’s possible even for inexperienced builders. The video is full of useful tips and insights for those interested in pursuing a similar project. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights from the video.


Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle is a YouTube channel that chronicles the journey of a couple who left their city life behind to build a home in the middle of a temperate rainforest. They share their experiences and lessons learned along the way, with an emphasis on sustainability, self-sufficiency, and minimalism.

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While Jake and Nicolle are committed to living off the grid and being self-sufficient, they acknowledge that it’s not always easy. They offer their audience the opportunity to become sponsors and support their journey, which can help them overcome any obstacles they may face along the way.

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Jake and Nicolle are active on social media, where they share updates, inspiration, and behind-the-scenes footage. Following them on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest can provide a deeper insight into their lifestyle and philosophy.

They built a yurt in the middle of a temperate rainforest using an old logging road as a foundation

The centerpiece of the video is the construction of a shipping container home, which Jake and Nicolle built from scratch. They share the process in a timelapse format, which makes it easy to follow along. The home is built on an old logging road, which provides a solid foundation and minimizes the impact on the surroundings.

They faced challenges with moisture and heating in the first two years of living in the yurt

While building the home was an achievement in itself, Jake and Nicolle admit that living in it wasn’t always easy. They faced challenges with moisture and heating, which required them to adjust their plans and invest in better insulation. This shows that even experienced builders can face unexpected obstacles, but with persistence and problem-solving skills, they can overcome them.

It’s important to save and invest for the future even though the stock market can be unpredictable

In a refreshing departure from the usual off-grid content, Jake and Nicolle share their insights on personal finance. They stress the importance of saving and investing for the future, even though the stock market can be unpredictable. This is a valuable reminder that off-grid living doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on financial security.

Set yourself up for a good year by focusing on what’s going right in your life

Another unexpected but welcome topic in the video is mindfulness and positive psychology. Jake and Nicolle share their strategies for setting themselves up for a good year, which include focusing on what’s going right in their lives and practicing gratitude. This shows that their off-grid lifestyle is not just about physical sustainability, but also mental and emotional well-being.

Don’t fall into victim mentality and take responsibility for your life

Finally, Jake and Nicolle share their philosophy of personal responsibility, which is about not falling into victim mentality and taking ownership of one’s actions and choices. This is a refreshing reminder that off-grid living is not just about escape from society, but also about taking control of one’s life and impact on the environment and others.

In conclusion, Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle’s timelapse vlog on building a shipping container home off-grid is a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a similar project. It combines practical tips and inspiration with unexpected but insightful topics like personal finance and positive psychology. By following Jake and Nicolle’s journey, viewers can learn not only about building homes but also about building a fulfilling life off the grid.