5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Prepping

Something you see all over the Preparedness Community are reasons for Why you shouldn't be prepping arguments Is why you should just do nothing and It's all over the place because there's Naysayers that are trying to dissuade You from being prepared and I'm here to Break some of those arguments because I Think a lot of the concepts that they Try to argue are things that are Actually still viable here in the Preparedness community and if you're Prepping for shtf style scenarios to go Down then hit the Subscribe button below Because those are the things we're going To talk about here on the channel and I'm trying to motivate you to prepare More rather than dissuade you from Preparation like a lot of these Naysayers are trying to accomplish all Right so I'm gonna be five Concepts that I'm going to try to break these Arguments on right here right now the Very first one is you shouldn't Stockpile things because you can't take All that with you anyways right I hear That one all the time why do you have so Much food why do you have so much water Why do you have so much ammo you have All this stuff but if you have to leave You can't take it with you so it's just A waste right well Sure if you have to leave all that stuff Is gone you're right but leaving is not

Our number one priority in fact trying To stay where you are is the best option And if you have to leave it should be Out of necessity AKA you're evacuating Because of something that's out of your Control and in that situation leaving All that stuff behind is going to be the Last thing on your mind now Stockpiling food and water and ammo and Everything else related to prepping is a Good idea however if you are going to Have to leave your location if you have To bug out you should have a destination Already planned on where you're going to Go becoming a refugee is not a good way To do things so if you have a place that You're planning on going if you do have To evacuate it should also be stocked You should have things stockpiled there Right so stockpiling doesn't mean it has To all be in one place but having Additional Surplus supplies on hand and Ready to go is a good idea regardless of Whether or not you can take all of it With you look at 2020 during the Lockdowns people were locked in their Homes and had to stay in their location And a lot of those people probably Wished they had more supplies on hand During that time a similar event like That could occur at any point here in The future and another thing to consider So a lot of people get it twisted when It comes to ammo specifically they say

Why do you need all that ammunition why Do you need 10 000 rounds of ammunition If you get into a gun fight you might Shoot 20 rounds and then you're gonna Die anyway right well I don't stockpile Ammunition with the idea of using 10 000 Rounds on a gun fight that's not the Point of it the point of it is to have Access to it if it becomes inaccessible At some point in time understand that While I have it and might not be able to Access more I can still train I can Still hunt and I can still defend myself During a time where I can't get more Ammunition for whatever reason that Might be whether or not it's because of Laws that are being passed whether or Not that's because we're at a global Conflict level where ammunition is being Rationed or completely dries up whatever The situation it just allows you to Continually move forward when it comes To training eating or saving your own Life so those are the reasons why Stockpiling still makes sense regardless Of whether or not you can take it with You we know we can't take it with us That's pretty obvious in my opinion I Know I can't take ten thousand rounds of 556 with me on my back that's not the Plan I guarantee you but that's the Argument that will be set your way to Tell you why you shouldn't stockpile Things and I'm here to tell you go ahead

And stockpile more supplies is better Than less and the other thing to Consider is you are going to evacuate Please have a plan have a place that You're going to go And probably put some supplies there Okay now the second concept the argument I'm going to try to break on this one All right is You won't likely be the five percent That will survive so why even try right Oh only 10 or only five percent or only One percent of people are going to Survive these apocalyptic scenarios so What's the point of even trying because The likelihood that you're going to be In that five ten or one percent is very Low right okay well you still might be In that one five or ten percent I don't Know if you've done math lately but one Percent of the entire population is a Lot of people still a lot a lot a lot a Lot a lot of people okay so you might be In that group of people who does survive So wouldn't you like to be prepared for That situation in case you do survive Whatever apocalyptic event led to this Whole conversation not to mention the Fact that even if you don't immediately Survive or even if you don't last a very Long time or whatever it is you probably Want to mitigate as much suffering as Possible in process of survival right we Don't know what's going to happen and

Every minute you're suffering during That apocalyptic situation is a minute You could have probably avoided through Smart preparation right so the whole Point is oh don't prepare because you Know you're not going to live anyway I Mean that's just a silly thing to say The thing you should be looking at is if Something happens how do I minimize Suffering and if I am one of the few That survives how do I thrive on the Other side of this cataclysmic situation Okay so don't listen to that just Because of percentages and statistics One percent of seven billion is still a Very large number of people all right Now The third concept that I hear all the Time and it's all over the place and I Think this is a big one because you know Especially in the larper community People get a little bit Agro about it But you aren't a tier one operator so Why do all this firearms training Because when all this happens a tier one Operator is going to show up and take You out anyway right which it seems kind Of like an unreasonable argument to make But it happens all the time especially If you post anything related to Firearms If you aren't ex-special forces or Whatever it is or you don't have combat Experience suddenly it negates anything You think or say or do and there's no

Point in you doing any of those things Because those guys are going to take you Out regardless right well obviously do I Have weird you know delusions of Grandeur that I could take on and maybe Seal no I'm not an idiot I honestly know That if anyone with that level of Training and skill were to come after me Then I'm probably just gonna die that's Just how it works but I'm not training To fight Navy Seals that's not the goal When it comes to firearms training or Proficiency I'm training to be better Than the rest of the 99 of the Population that doesn't do any training At all right I'm trying to give myself An advantage for the more likely threats That will arise during an shdf situation Right understand that the most likely Threats are going to come by uh come in The form of nearby opportunists or Criminals it's not going to be Navy Seals jumping out of airplanes coming to Get me because magic prepper was that Guy on the internet pre-shdf and we Don't like him so he's got to go right Unlikely situation okay now if you're Talking about a 1776 type of a situation Things get a little bit more blurry but In general you're most likely going to Deal with people on your nearby area Areas opportunists who want to rob you Or those criminals who are looking to Rob you and possibly hurt you are going

To be the ones you have to encounter and During those encounters I'm just trying To give myself as much of an advantage As possible especially if you find Yourself somewhat outnumbered right so The training and everything related to Firearms and stuff of that nature is so That you have that Advantage if that Time ever presents itself it's not about Going toe-to-toe with people who are Always going to be better than you and That's just the truth I'm sorry but yeah You know I'm 35 years old and I was Never in the special ops right so Anybody who's got that level of training Is Always Forever going to be better at It than me however I'm probably better At some of this stuff than a huge Portion of the population especially When we're talking about the local meth Heads so that might give me a better Chance of survival if that stuff ever Happens right and not to mention if we Find ourselves in that old 17 1776 Situation I mean it's better to have a little bit More of a chance than none at all right I'm just throwing it out there okay now I do need to mention that the Channel's Biggest supporter is Midway USA luckily They helped me prepare and move forward And ignore a lot of these arguments that The Nay series put out there to try to Keep me from preparing more so a big

Thanks to Midway USA for helping me out In that department and I just want to Mention that don't let other people Dissuade you from prepping it's not a Good look understand that you're doing This for you and your family which means You don't really have to listen to what All these other people are trying to Tell you okay keep that in mind it's Always easier to do nothing than to do Something I think we know how that works When it comes to the uh let's just say The class that enjoys everything the Government was to offer them right Moving on from there Hope that came out the right way the Fourth concept that I'm going to try to Break here argumentatively is the whole All of your electronics are going to fry During an EMP attack so why rely on any Electronics at all or why have Contingencies of electronics to use in An shdf environment well An EMP although a possible situation is Still a relatively unlikely situation Right And using Electronics Is a daily thing we do so your Likelihood of using an electronic device Or needing an electronic device is much Higher than the likelihood of an EMP Okay so instead of throwing everything Out the window because well if an EMP Goes off I can't have this vehicle and I

Won't be able to use this flashlight and I won't be able to use a heater and I'm Not going to be able to like why sell Yourself short just because of a obscure Possibility yes an EMP could possibly Fry all of your electronic devices You're right but you know what any other Natural disaster or event that goes down Besides EMP might not and those Electronic devices could be very useful In that situation right so let's just Say there's a huge earthquake and you Need ways to communicate and maybe have Some lights on at night well it's a good Thing you kept those flashlights and Radios because I knew the EMP threat Made you want to throw them away but man Glad you hung on to him because that Other scenario that happened is actually Proving to be very useful in the sense Of having Electronics so Keep in mind that yeah an EMP could fry All your electronics I agree that's not Going to stop me from getting Electronics it's not going to stop me From making my life easier or more Simplified by using technology I'm going To use technology to the very end until I literally can't and okay if all my Solar power stations and backup power Stations fail because of an EMP I guess I'll just live 1800 style once again but If anything else happens that takes out The power besides an EMP and I have the

Ability to power myself now I'm going to Be glad I had all of those things so Don't let the idea of an EMP keep you From running electronic devices or Putting Electronics in your preps it's Just not a big enough of a threat for You to say well no electronics at all no Matter what I'm going to have power Tools post shtf as long as it's not an EMP and you might not so we'll see who Does a better job of building their bath House post shtf now If you're a workbench never looks like This then you must be a saint because I Am constantly having to tear everything Apart and reorganize it and I just Didn't feel like resetting it all up to Look pretty for this video so here we Are it is what it is and I just noticed It out the corner of my eye and felt Like I needed to address it now the Fifth concept okay And this one This one is one that might make some People angry okay Um and it's just going to be the truth And I'm sorry if it upsets you but it is True okay and I just want you to know That this is not magic pepper trying to Be mean to anyone this is just logically True it's factual so I have to say it Because it is what it is okay but a big One you hear a lot and it's Understandable but it is something I

Hear all the time is I can't afford to Prep so I guess I'll just die right I Can't afford this amount of food I can't Afford to live in the country I can't Afford that gear or that tactical Equipment or any of that stuff so I Guess people like me that don't have the Financial resources to do those things Are just going to die well first off It's a very defeatist attitude that you Should not have so regardless of your Financial situation You shouldn't be a victim okay move Forward with the idea that you're going To figure out ways to make it happen Regardless of your current situation Things don't always stay exactly the Same way they are forever okay now Here's the thing I'm gonna be honest with you here the First part of prepping Is to be able to afford it okay and I Mean that not just in the sense of Finances but in time and energy and Everything else related to prepping if You can't afford to prep you probably Shouldn't be prepping your number one Priority should be to figure out how to Afford to prep you have to start there First you can't put the carriage before The horse right you have to have the Ability to prepare before you can Prepare and that's just the truth so if You can't afford to prep then you can't

Prep you have to figure out how to Afford it first so that you can begin Prepping but I will say this okay if you Can't afford to prep Understandable things happen people are In different situations not everybody Can just throw money and get surplus of Different pieces of gear supplies right It's just not how it works for everyone If you can't afford it understand that There are things you can do for free That can still help your preparedness When it comes to knowledge you can learn A lot for free on the internet at the Library at all these different places Where information is readily available For you to consume digest remember and Apply to your life into the skills that You might acquire doing that research Okay the other thing you can do for free Is improve on your physical fitness just Because you don't have money to join a Gym doesn't mean you have to not work Out you can work out at home you can do A lot of things to get more physically Fit you can work on what it is you're Eating and change your diet there's a Lot of things you can do that are Basically free without having to afford The ability to do it okay so you can Gain knowledge become more physically Fit and a big one is going to be your Mindset if you already have the mindset Of defeatism right you're defeated in

The sense of I can't afford to prep so I Guess I'm going to die well you're Already not going to survive even if you Could afford to prep because your Mindset is defeatist you're already lost You're not going to survive you have a Defeatist fatalistic mindset you've got To change your mindset and you have to Be a Survivor you have to have a Survivalist mindset so you can gain Knowledge for free you can improve your Physical fitness for free and you can Definitely change your mindset for free And then the rest has to be Strategically figured out in the sense Of how you're going to afford to do that Stuff because it is true not here to lie To anybody prepping can be expensive Okay it's generally related to the idea Of surplus right and if you don't have Surplus disposable income it's hard to Have Surplus supplies that you don't Need because if you need every single Dollar you earn you're going to need Everything you purchase with those Dollars right Just want to be honest with you because I understand why you can't afford it so Your first step for prepping needs to Figure out how to afford it and then Work on the things that don't cost Anything in the meantime and that's just The truth but these are the concepts That I was trying to argue and possibly

Break in the sense of arguments for why You shouldn't prep why would you tell People not to prepare it doesn't make Any sense to me okay if you grow up Anywhere that natural disasters occur on A regular basis like Florida where I Grew up you understand the necessity of Preparation but maybe you've lived a Privileged life in a nice part of the Country where there is no natural Disaster threat on a regular basis so It's easy to get to that point of saying Don't worry about it don't prepare There's no reason to and all this stuff You guys are doing is ridiculous right I Guess so but if you've never had to Evacuate because of a wildfire you might Not feel that way okay now Hopefully this gave you some things to Think about add some examples Down Below In the comments of the exact style of Arguments that I'm talking about here Because it happens all the time and it Makes me upset because it why dissuade People from wanting to better themselves Which in my opinion preparedness does Better yourself I am better off because I'm prepared to face challenges that may Or may not exist in the future but Regardless I know I can handle them more So than I could have before and I think That's the same mentality a lot of you Need to apply to any preparation that You do it's not just well all this was a

Waste because the sun didn't explode It's well if anything happened I'd be Way better off than everyone else which Makes me feel a lot more comfortable and Gives me peace of mind so me and my Family can enjoy the other parts of our Life more easily right just wanted to Put this out there anything else you Need to add leave it in the comments Below you need anything else from me or You want to look for ways to support the Channel check out magicpepper.com you Can also check out my subscribe star Page if that's something you're Interested in and besides that it's Going to be it for magic prefer

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