30 Great Amazing Christmas Gifts: For Your Wonderful Prepper, Survivalist & Camper Or Hiker!


Technology Makes Pressure Canning Safe and Easy

Modern technology has taken a lot of the worry as well as risk out of pressure canning. Making use of contemporary innovation to change the old design stovetop canners of the previous makes stress canning nearly a set-and-forget treatment. Say goodbye to ask yourself if the pressure is too expensive. The modern-day pressure canners moderate the pressure for you as well as the timer insures that you do not overcook your food. Review this write-up to read more about just how modern innovation has pertained to pressure canning.

Establish a “No Zone” For Your Protection

Where is Your “No Zone”? A “No Zone” is a protective technique within your house that positions an imaginary border that can not be crossed by an intruder without lethal force being applied.

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