3 Month Food Supply by “For Patriots” Might be a Con

Winter Preparedness For Your Home

Winter is quickly coming close to and now is the time to prepare for those lengthy cold days. Preparing your residence is most likely one of the most important economical winter months prep work that ought to be done.

2012 – Doomsday Or Hysteria? Is it the End of the World As We Know it?

This has been one heck of a week for the doomsday version of 2012. While there have been programs as well as presentations over years (I’ve seen several of them), last week the show business surpassed itself, guessing larger, glitzier, as well as scarier.

Survive Your Next Plane Crash

Several people think that if they’re ever before in an airplane collision, they’re going to pass away regardless of what. Here’s excellent information– over 90% of aircraft crashes have survivors. As well as what you do can make a big distinction whether you live or die.

Building Up Your Survival Skills

One of one of the most essential – as well as most regularly ignored – elements of intending outside expeditions is to make certain that you have adequate training in survival skills to give you the maximum chance of maintaining your well being in potentially unsafe or perhaps life harmful scenarios. Survival skills are basically methods to make certain that all your standard requirements – food, water, shelter, safety and security, and warmth, for instance – are fulfilled.

Are You Prepared With a Home Survival Kit?

Survival Preparedness Catastrophe survival kits can aid you survive in either an all-natural catastrophe or a terrorist attack. Disasters do not adhere to a schedule. They can occur anytime and in any component of the world.

Using Flood Barriers to Safeguard Your House

Flood barriers can be used to help decrease the amount of damages your home takes when in there is a flooding. They can be utilized to provide a level of security from water damage and can aid in maintaining the water from entering your home. Most of these flood barriers can be set up really quickly and also can be taken into place when they are required.

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