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What to Consider When Purchasing a Bug Out Retreat

Some individuals like having what are called bug out locations that they can go to during a catastrophe type scenario. These resorts have some food, water, give shelter, and also provide a location that they can most likely to that will certainly assist them get away whatever issues are brought on by the calamity.

Driving in Winter – What Should You Carry

Do you understand what should be in your car if you drive in winter season weather condition? Some of the things might surprise you.

Earthquake Preparations – Where Are Earthquakes Likely and What is Going to Happen During One?

Do you know which areas in the U.S. can have quakes? Just what occurs throughout a quake?

Earthquake Preparedness – 2 – Are You Prepared?

As my largest experience with earthquakes was Northridge, I will certainly make use of that as an example. I’ll explain what we did right, what we did incorrect and also some of the problems others dealt with, both in the neighborhood as well as in the region.

Aztec Calendar 2012 – Survive the End of the World

According to the Aztec schedule 2012, the end of the world will remain in the precise date of 12/21/2012. At today all the celebrities will be aligned and also planet will begin to alter.

Self Defense For Mountain Lions on the Prowl

Bears and mountain lions share some top qualities like their delicate noses. That is what makes bear spray so efficient versus mountain lions. Discover why you need to never enter into the back country without it

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